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The Fair Love by Judy Park

The Fair Love by Judy Park


[In Rosaline’s room, rainy night]


ROSALINE [looking outside, closing a book in her hands]

Is it raining?

NURSE [quickly ran out to a balcony, and facing ROSALINE]

Oh, yes, ma’am. It is raining, and ‘its strong. Very strong.

I wonder how would he goes back, ma’am.


Like the love of the son of Montague? Which one is stronger?


Well, the rain outside is strong, and also the love of the cully, too, to my dim eyes.


His love is like a squall, won’t survive ever long.

A sudden storm of youth, that is naught more.


But ma’am, I think his love is as real as that rain?

Also, he is the son of that Montague.

It would be very helpful if you form a relationship with those households.


Love is not money, nor the rain.

Before long, that rain remains as a memory of immatureness.

So as that misadventured love. I truly have forsworn to love; it was a rash word.


Please forgive ma’am, sure it was my mistake.

Anyways, it won’t change anything.

The son of Montague just returned.


His love will collapse in a day.


I hope so, ma’am. Also, there is a party morrow.


From who?


Capulets. Your close heart, Juliet Capulet.

Montagues’ only enemy, Capulets.


[Facing aside] What is this feeling? This ominous rain,

Montagues and Capulets, Capulets and Montagues!

What direction would his love face? In this fair but tiny Verona,

the only success of rejected love will be the expiry of oneself.

[covering ROSALINE’s face with hands]                      Oh, love is not love!

Where would it lead this youth of Verona!




[In the party, ROSALINE with her hearts walking around]


ROSALINE [suddenly stopping]

Alas, is that him?




That younker, kissing to the daughter of Capulet.


That is the buck from Montagues. But what do thou mean by him?


Then who’s that man approaching the gentleman?


The coz of the damsel, Juliet is his cadet.


The two households cannot be hearts. Tell me thy thinking in sadness,

the son of Montague hath a doxy, named Juliet; isn’t it?


Mary, ay.


’its truly sad, that storm on that day was the tocsin for this day!

Love, that star-crossed love ‘tween rival households!

Natheless, mummers are just mooncalves.

My Lord, listen to my orisons! I desired stilnes for every shape!




[ROSALINE’s room, after the funeral of ROMEO and JULIET. Rainy night]


NURSE [closing the window, facing ROSALINE]

It’s raining, ma’am, how would everyone goes back…

[ROSALINE does not answer] Oh, oh! I will bring some milk, or crackers or…

ROSALINE [suddenly shake one’s head]

No, no. Thou can collogue, but thy got the permission to dismiss.

[NURSE exits]                     Love is not love! The star-crossed love, how…

How can you throw your shape, your heaven and your earth for the love!

For the love that lasts half a day! Or was it Sooth, was it true! Was it true as the rain!

Oh, Montagues, oh Capulets! Thy long long malice slaw this youth!

Thou paid the fair youth as corse for thy malice…

And, the stiness came! The stiness, after that long rivalry, it came with the expiry!

Romeo, and Juliet! I have forsworn to love, but I truly loved!

Not thou nor thy expiry, but thy love! Thy fair love…




The 5 reasons I picked Five People You Meet in Heaven

Five People You Meet in Heaven

  1. Comfortable surprises
    1. We can find many shocks in this book. A significant aspect we can see this is the end of chapters. Each chapter ends with a surprise or revealing a secret. However, with this full of secrets, the readers do not feel overwhelming, and it almost acts as a way to attract the audience. People have the curiosity about the next surprise, not being caught by the secret of the last time.
  2. Rapid and short, but not dizzy transitions
    1. The transitions between chapters and scenes are rapid and quick. However, the story does not stop with the transition. It keeps its face and follows through the changing backgrounds. The readers feel stable with the story, and the transitions evoke the feeling of curiosity.
  3. A common protagonist
    1. In the stories, protagonists should be strong and brave. But this one doesn’t. It’s an old man, working in a theme park. Not strong, not special. But this commonness is the point that allures people to this book. We are common. The protagonist is common. Therefore, we put our feelings into the story.
  4. Simple language
    1. The language is not complexed and elaborate. It’s simple, but also sensitive and deep. It touches our fundamental part of the soul.
  5. Your story
    1. As you go through the book, and as you flip the last page, you think. ‘Who are my five people?’ The story ends, and your story starts. Your five people. Your five lessons. Your Five People You Meet in Heaven.

Anyone Can Dream, ‘The Alchemist’ by Paulo Coelho

The book that I picked for my winter break was ‘The Alchemist’ by Paulo Coelho. I heard many suggestions of this book. People nearby me always recommended this book and said it would give a huge impact. Actually, that was true.

I am a freshman, and not very comfortable with my high school life yet. But during this winter break, this book has helped me a lot in mental aspects. As I grow, my life become complicated and confusing. People near me does not consider my problems difficult, but for me sometimes it feels very overwhelming. In this book, the author encourages to have a dream and saying it is okay to have dreams in different ways. A shepherd Santiago, the protagonist, had a dream about treasure under the pyramid of Egypt, and decide to take travel to the desert; this is the start of the book. Santiago is well educated man. He was going to be a priest in his town. However, he wanted to travel all around the world. ‘One afternoon, he had summoned up the courage to tell his father’(11, Coelho) that he wanted to travel. This is where his personal legend starts. The boy recognized his dream and followed his heart.

His father gave two gold coins for him to buy sheep. At the moment, the boy could see “in his father’s gaze a desire to be able to travel the world his father’s having had to bury it, under the burden of struggling for water to drink, food to eat and the same place to sleep every night of his life”(12) There are many people who do not have the bravery to dream because of “water to drink” and “the same place to sleep” as Santiago’s father. Unlike his father, Santiago decides to leave, following his heart. When I read this part, I reminded my mother. She encouraged me to study hard and live a better life than her. The goal she wants me to achieve is to live a life with freedom, and I am trying to finish that mission.

However, many people fear the obstacles and troubles they would encounter during the travel. The book is encouraging “And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” (23) This is because you are one part of the universe. “All things are one” (46). The significance of existing one is shown when it somehow harmonizes with the others and create the universe. It is the universe that encourages you to dream.

But, you should not interfere the other’s dream also, the book claims. In the book, the owner of the crystal shop’s dream is to go to Macca, the most divine place in Arab. Visiting Macca and praying there is one of the most important rules in your religious life. However, even the owner has enough money to travel, he does not go. The boy asks why, and he confesses, “Because it’s the thought of Mecca that keeps me alive.” It is the dream that makes him face all the same days. The boy realizes that it is the best thing the owner can do, looking and imagining the dream but not following that. Some say, the important thing is not the moon, it is the finger pointing the moon. Similarly, to some people trying to reach the dream they have is more significant than actually reaching the dream.

After reading this book, I could start to observe different kinds of people and their dreams near me. Realizing and thinking about them helped me to develop deep thoughts about dreams, and I resolved to endeavor to accomplish my dream.

Tokyo Ghoul

An ordinary college student Kaneki Ken lives in a world where monsters eat humans called ‘ghoul’ exists. He one day encounters a beautiful girl called Kamishiro Rize. He found out that she likes the same author as he like, and they get very close. They go out together, but actually, Rize was a ghoul. She tries to eat her, but a random bunch of reinforcing rods fell down on her. Kaneki is in dying condition, and doctors transplanted Rize’s organs on him, and he became ‘half-ghoul’.

The main goal of the protagonist is to create a world where ghouls and humans can understand each other. The main conflict is Kaneki’s internal conflict. He trys to do not eat humans. But because the desire to eat human is so strong to ghouls, he aslways have to go through hard emotions. Another big internal conflict is his identity. After he becomes a half-ghoul, he lose his way between ghoulgs and humans. His body is a ghoul, and his mind is a human. An external conflicts is him verses other ghouls who trys to eat him.

What was the problem?

“Honey? Where you going?”

“Nothing, just to pay my checks.”

Mr. Lawrence Exeter Jr. pushed the door to open it, but it didn’t work smoothly. He had to put more force than he expected.

“Don’t be late for the dinner, okay?”

“Okay, honey.”

The divorce was easy. Although the Father didn’t like it, he knew it was necessary. They couldn’t keep the marriage anymore. After Mrs. Lawrence Exeter Jr. found out the check to Brooderay Diamond, he foresaw the future. It costed a lot of money, but he could remarry in six months.

Recently, he was paying attention in fuel business. It was not only because he saw possibility there, but because one of his friend’s company was broke, too. I can use this chance, he thought. For that process, he had to send some more to his lawyer. 700 dollars were not that small money, but he knew this was important.

Obviously, to Mr. Lawrence Exeter Jr. who wants a new start, ex-wife’s brother Tony Spagoni was not a very pleasant person.

“Hi, Lawrence? Nice to meet you here.”

“Oh, Tony.”

About two years ago, he first met Tony. The marriage was almost three years ago, but until then he couldn’t see Tony. When he asked about the brother to his wife, she said,

“Tony is in Italy. He has his job. He couldn’t come to my wedding.”

Homeland is good for any kind of business, he thought when he heard the story about the suspicious brother.

“How are you these days?”

“Great, yes, great. How are you?”

Lawrence met Tony at his vacation. Before the vacation, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Exeter Jr.’s marriage was fine. Mr. Lawrence bought many gifts for his wife. But after the vacation…

“Do you wanna get a drink? It’ve been a long time.”

“Fine, yes, good. When did you came back from Italy?”

He ran on to a girl, a beautiful girl there. She was so beautiful, that he couldn’t help him loving her. Yes, he fell in love with the little girl. The only unfortunate thing was, Tony Spagoni was there, too.

“How’s your wife?”

“Good, we are fine. Thanks.”

Tony somehow recognized Lawrence. De didn’t let Lawrence like that, cheating on his wife. Of courese, who would let the husband of one’s sister cheating! Tony demanded that he pay consolation money, and Lawrence gave 450 dollars total.

The Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Ellen Poe in Different POV

My point of view is the First person mixed with the second person.

‘I’ in this story it the old man, and ‘you’ is the young man. The second person POV has many interesting features. It can give many different impression to the readers, depends on how the author uses it. In my story, the readers feel like they are right next to the young man, and like they are observing the man. Even the second person point of view can give unique feelings to readers, it has the danger of getting tiresome in longer writings. My first draft was the second person, and I decided to revise it as the first person. One special characteristic of the second person is that it has very short distance with the first person. As it has very close relationship with the first person POV, I could easily shift my story into the first person POV. By doing this, I changed the distance between characters and the readers. In the original version, the young man and the readers were very close, and the old man wasn’t really close to them. But in my version, the distance between two characters and the readers are similar. So the description of the story is not overemphasized. Also one more advantage I gained from changing the point of view, I added more creepiness. In the original story, the old man, the victim didn’t know what was happening. But in this version, the old man knew what was happening.  By saying ‘the old man knew everything,’ the readers start to imagine what would happen next.


The Tell-Tale Heart in Different Point Of View

Upon the eight night, you were more than usually cautious in opening the door. A watch’s minute hand moves more quickly than did yours. I somehow could hear that sound, your watch and your heart, both of them. The rhythm of two things was generating strange feeling. I know, never before that night had you felt the extent of your own powers- of your sagacity. I know, you could scarcely contain your feelings of triumph. I do know, that is how you feel. That is how you think, that is how you live. My boy, do you see? You thought I don’t know about you. Or you still do think like that. But I know. I know you.

To think that there you were, opening the door, little by little, and you would think that I not even to dream of your secret deeds of thoughts. You fairly chuckled at the idea; and perhaps I heard you, for I moved on the bed suddenly as if startled. Now they may think that you drew back-but no. My room was as black as pitch with the thick darkness for the shutters were close fastened, through fear of robbers, and so you knew that I could not see the opening of the door, and you kept pushing it on steadily, steadily.

You were so right. I couldn’t see anything in the middle of the darkness. But the fear was not about robbers. It was about you. I knew. I knew you found the eye closed, even when you went boldly into the chamber, and spoke courageously to me, calling me by a hearty tone, and inquiring how I had passed the night.

You had your head in, and were about to open the lantern, when your thumb, yes, probably the thumb, slipped upon the tin fastening, and I sprang up in the bed, crying out-“Who’s there?”

The lions, characters and setting


There are many ways to connect characters and settings to make a story interesting. But, there are many different ways to connect those two. In the short story, “The Veldt”, the author uses settings to emphasize the character’s actions and conflict. The setting of this short story is future when does mechanics do all the works for humans. They have a room called “the nursery” for children in this house. And in that room, the main characters find “Yellow hot Africa” created by their children. During this process, the author keeps reminding readers that it is not real. But by explaining how real is “The lions”, the conflict starts to grow, between the contrast of automatics and Africa. After this situation, the main characters, the parents talk about this system and realize the problems of automatics: “‘We are spoiled and they are spoiled.'”   The children confront to the parents because they are so dependent on this automatics. The author shows a conflict between characters. A son, Peter says, “I want you to die!” Right after this, he shouts to the nursery, “Don’t let them kill you!” We can find out that the kids became so dependent on the system, that they think they are alive. The author really uses good settings, and it helps us to understand characters.

Whether the main character is also the narrator and how this affects the story?(Red Scarf Girl)

Dear Mr. Sostak and Mr. Schoerder


Hello, this is Judy. I want to talk about my revolution reading book, ‘Red Scarf Girl’. This book is about a girl named Ji-Li Jiang, who lived in the period of Chinese Cultural Revolution. I want to talk about Ji-Li’s characteristic, through this question: ‘Whether the main character is also the narrator and how this affects the story?’

I picked one quote from the first page ‘Carefully, my parents chose my name: Ji-Li, meaning lucky and beautiful. They hoped that I would be the happiest girl in the world. And I was.’ And ‘I knew the movement was vital to our country’s future, and I did not understand how Mom and Dad could not be interested in it.

The main character, so the heroine, Ji-Li is the narrator of the story. The first quote, shows how Ji-Li felt about her childhood. She thinks it was beautiful, and she was happy and being proud of that period. It shows that she was a normal, ordinary girl, has no difference with others. Because Ji-Li is writing and expressing her feelings very directly, we can feel empathy to her story, and observe how the events that happens to her affect her feelings. In the second quote, ‘it’ is ‘Chairman Mao’s destroying fourolds movement’. So this sentence shows how Ji-Li felt about Chairman Mao. She was very positive about destroying fourolds; she couldn’t understand her parents. It means Ji-Li respected Chairman Mao more than her parents.

Because Ji-Li, the main character is the narrator, the story is based and focused on Ji-Li’s feeling and experience. This helps us to see and notice Ji-Li’s changes of thinking and ideology through the events.


Thank you,



Chinese Cultural Revolution CommonCraft Video




ONE day 2017

How did you feel about completing your task?

I couldn’t finish my project. 🙁 I finished my sketch, but I couldn’t finish coloring. I used acrylic paintings, and I was not used to it. It took much longer than my think.

What did you learn on One Day?

I learned how to use an acrylic painting and how to plan my project.

What do you feel proud of?

I feel proud of my idea about the theme of picture. I think it was very creative and imaginative. It’s about myself, and characters are expressing me.

What did you struggle with?

I struggled with using acrylic paintings. It was harder to paint accurately than color pencils or pens.

Is the quality of your product good? How do you know?

It was not good, because I didn’t finish it.

Did you receive any feedback from any other students in your group?

Yes, some students told me it’s cute. And Vita told me to use some color pencils to finish it.

How did you improve your design from when you first started?

First, my design had many ‘me’, but I reduced he number of ‘me’ and made it bigger.



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