Passion project – Blogpost #3 – My plan

This semester, Me and Melissa will continue uploading YouTube video. Same as last semester, our job is going to be same. Mellissa will be the person who is doing the makeup and making a thumbnail. I will be the person who is editing and making a plan. We decided to not use the studio in school, because filming video might take more than the class time. But we might still use the studio when we have important event such as international day or Halloween. In addition, we considered using the adobe editing application. To have more than 10+ video which is our goal for this semester, we should start from this week because It will take time for us to learn adobe editor.

Feedback from previous blog: We changed our goal to uploading 10 video this semester and we might also change the topic for our video which are going to be Makeup, Closeup makeup (lip and eye), ASMR.

Hope you guys enjoy our video and please subscribe if not.

This is the link to our YouTube channel!

Passion Project – Blogpost #2 – My goal

As I mention in previous blog, me and Melissa are going to continue uploading makeup video to our YouTube channel called “scenario”. Different from last year, we will be focusing on different goals.

  • Get more subscriber

Our first goal is to get more subscriber. To get more subscriber, we will be focusing on advertising our YouTube channel. Such as we will use WeChat to tell our friend, and we will be uploading a short clip of make up video to Instagram before we upload YouTube. Our specific goal is to get 50 subscribers for this semester.

In addition, we ask other people to how can we get more subscriber and their advice was to change our YouTube channel profile which is a below photo. They said instead using a logo, Melissa face can have more subscriber because people can know “scenario” is the makeup channel. Therefore, we will change our profile as well.

  • Earn money!

Our second goal is to earn money from the video. To earn money from the video, we should have more viewer and subscriber. As I mention above, I think advertising is important to get viewer and subscriber.

  • Have a different topic for video.

Our last goal is having a different topic for video. In last semester, we only upload a makeup tutorial video and later we realized that we won’t have many subscribers with only uploading makeup tutorial. In addition, we were interested in eating show (Mukbang) and some ASMR videos.

So this year, we are going to try a different topic for our video which is close-up makeup (lip/eye), Taobao haul, Nail art, Eating show (Mukbang) and ASMR videos.


What do I need to learn to accomplish this goal?

  • To accomplish this goal, I think the biggest thing we need to learn is editing skill. Because editing is important to make a video. This semester, we will be trying a new editing app called premiere pro (if not, I movie). Also, we will try to use a camera to make a better quality for video.


What will be my final product?

As I said, my final product will be a YouTube video about makeup. We are planning on keep uploading the video over as long as we can even though the passion project is over.

Through this semester, we will try our best to put efforts on our YouTube channel. So I hope you guys enjoy it!

This is the link to our youtube channel.

Passion Project – Blogpost #1 – Ideas & Inspirations

Hi everyone, we are back!

This is my 2nd semester for passion project. In last semester, me and Melissa create a makeup channel at YouTube called, “Scenario” This year, we will be continue uploading a YouTube video to our YouTube channel. We are going to keep same concept. However, our goal will be different. In addition, many detail parts of the video will be also changed. Something new to us to our channel is ASMR video. We were interested about ASMR video, and this year we plan to try a new thing. so hope you guys enjoy.

What are we differentiating?
– Different video topics/ specifying
– Editing program: Imovie -> premiere pro
– Studio and Light settings
– Use cannon 550D camera
– Upload on Instagram THE DAY BEFORE we upload the video. (Upload short clip)

Things that we might add to our channel:
– Close-up Makeup (Lip/Eye)
– Taobao Haul
– Nail art
– Eating show (Mukbang)
– My life as a fruitarian and what I eat
– ASMR videos

Our ultimate goal?
– Make over 50 subscribers (it is 27 now)
– View count+subscriber+Ads = Money

How do we divide our work?
– June: editor, and Filmer
– Melissa: Manage Youtube and instagram account, make thumbnails, a person whos in the video

Based on feedbacks from last semester:
– Change YouTube profile picture (of Mellissa face)

It might take us time to use a premiere pro, but we will do our best to make a best video. So, if you haven’t subscribed yet, please subscribe and like us! Also, cheer us!

This is the link to our youtube channel.

Those are the site we refer.

A Trick of Fate

June Seo

Rosaline walks into a funeral and speaks to Friar Lawrence in a sad and feeble voice “Friar Lawrence! As you know, I swore to God to keep my purity. But, I’m very confused these days. I feel responsible for the deaths of these two people, especially for Romeo. Today I want to talk to you about my agony and listen to your advice about what I should do.”

Friar Lawrence nods his head and answers gloomily “Rosaline, I understand your feelings. However, I am also confused to have such a tragedy because of what I have planned in good faith…. Anyway, tell me about your worries.”

Rosaline answers with eyes full of grief “Let me honestly tell you how I felt when Romeo confessed his love to me. When Romeo confessed, I was both happy and surprised. You know, Romeo is wonderful, brave, and comes from the most influential family in Verona. Many girls are hungry for his love, and he loves me!”

Rosaline keeps reminiscing about the past in a wet voice “I was deeply distressed to hear Romeo’s confession. If I had been a normal maiden without a vow of chastity, I would have accepted his love. He has everything all envy, hasn’t he?”

Rosaline’s effusion continues talking “Though I decided to live my whole life for the glory of God after Romeo passed away so vain, I have doubts about whether my decision was right. If I had accepted Romeo’s love for the first time, this tragedy in vain might not have happened? Or, was Romeo destined to die at this age anyway?”

Friar Lawrence comforts Rosaline by tapping her on the shoulder “Oh, poor Rosaline! That’s what happened to you. However, it’s not your fault, so don’t reproach yourself that much and don’t be too sad. Some say that God first takes the person he loves most, so let’s assume that God loves Romeo that much.”

Rosaline continues in a doubtful tone “Friar! Romeo is a good man, so his poor soul must have gone to heaven, right? Or, since he killed two people and killed himself, would he fall into an eternal hell? Or has Dame Fortuna, the goddess of fate, already decided where Romeo’s soul will go?”

Friar Lawrence answers seriously “Rosaline! I have always believed in the will of God after choosing the path of hardship to become a priest. But, I am also messed these days. My intentions to bring the Montague and the Capulet reconciled and to help the beautiful two youths married happily came to a tragic scene instead. As a friar who has studied the word of God for a long time, I should not doubt the will of God at all, but is there really ‘a trick of fate’? I even don’t know! Anyway, God perhaps understands the circumstances that Romeo can’t afford, and I pray that both poor souls may go to heaven.”

Rosaline raises his head and asks Friar Lawrence earnestly once again. “Friar Lawrence! You have long served God, but also mention ‘a trick of fate’. If all are destined in advance, what is the meaning of this temperate life to seek truth through the word of God? Rather, should I rather have obyed my destiny if I were destined to meet a handsome, wealthy young man of noble families like ordinary noble girls around me and live a happy life and die comfortably? Choosing how to live has become more challenging.”

Friar Lawrence feels pricked by Rosaline’s trenchant question and answers after thinking for a long time. “I even have been through an unexpected ordeal, so I seem to have forgotten my duty for a moment. Let us consider everything that has happened to be decided by the almighty God. God may be testing our faith through this ordeal. There can be no such thing as destiny, and only the will of God is made in this land. Let’s pray together for the glory of God and our deep faith.”

Rosaline raises her head again with a relieved look “I understand. Friar Lawrence! I will always come whenever my faith is shaken, so please guide my mind in the path of faith.”

Rosaline leaves Friar Lawrence’s cell with the expectation and resolution that, through this ordeal, her devotion to God will be more convinced as ground packs after rain and her faith will be built on solid rock.

The END of the story

Passion Project – Blogpost 11 Reflection

In this post, share your final product and reflect on the following things:

Throughout this semester, me and Melissa created a YouTube video related to the category “beauty”. We created a makeup tutorial. At first, we used a camera to film a video, but later we used a phone camera to film it. In addition, we used an iMovie to edit the video.


  • What did you learn this semester?

I learned communication skill throughout this semester. Passion project gave us a chance to communicate with others through YouTube. In addition, my filming and editing skill developed through the passion project. Passion project was really helpful for me in many ways.


  • What were your successes this semester?

In the beginning, we were struggling out with filming and editing the video. But later, we find the solution. We used the phone camera to film the video and iMovie to edit the video. I feel successful with youtube video. Like my plan, we uploaded 6 videos.


  • What were your failures or things you’d do differently?

In first, our plan was to create a YouTube video, blog, and official SNS like twitter or Facebook. But we only get success with creating a YouTube video. We realize it is difficult to create the blog and official SNS while creating a video. Our plan is to create the blog and official SNS next passion project semester.


  • Discuss the successes/weaknesses of both the process and what you have created.

We created YouTube video related to the category “beauty”. We uploaded the makeup tutorial at YouTube and recently we have 21 subscribers and 6 videos. Also, the highest views were 106 which is neat brown makeup tutorial. I feel my editing skill can more developed next time. Because comparing with others YouTube video our video is kind of so simple. So, next time I want to use the different program to edit the video.


Feedback from previous blogpost

  • While we are uploading the video, we used #, to make it easier to find out our video. We # related things to our makeup tutorial.
  • And we usually get feedback from our friends.


Even though this is our last week before the final presentation, we uploaded new video, which is going to be last video for this semester. We are planning for continuing uploading our video, so our next video is going be upload after the summer vacation.


This is the link to our YouTube channel. I hope you guys like and enjoy it!

Passion Project – Blogpost #10 Progress and Reflection

Passion Project – Blogpost #10 Progress and Reflection

During this week, we film and uploaded a new makeup tutorial which is street makeup. Before we film new video, we got some feedback from previous video. The feedback we got was to film Melissa face closer so that the viewer can see the makeup more certainly. Therefore, for our new video, street makeup, we film it closer to Melissa face by changing the distance between Melissa and tripod. I think this successfully worked.


I think we are on the right track. it is little difficult to upload the 2 videos in one week, but we still upload one video in one week like our plan. We only have 2 weeks left. I think there is only two videos left including presentation video. We will work hard to upload as many videos as we can. But after


I just checked our YouTube channel and we have 20 subscribers and lots of views. I am so impressive with our work. The below photo is the screen shot of our channel. In addition, after the passion project is over, we will be continue posting a YouTube video.


Our plan for presentation is to make a video of our reflection and progression. We will be uploading this video to our YouTube channel.


Feedback from previous blog:

  • Lemley give us some feedback about creating new YouTube channel. Based on the feedback, we will be creating a YouTube channel next semester passion project because we realize there is no enough time.

I hope you guys enjoy our new video!