Elevator pitch

The Elevator speech went ok for me, I found it very hard giving eye contact and not being very relax during he speech, and the speech was too short, I said all the things too fast or I didn’t give too much information in the speech, but the overall was good.

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Journal 3

Polymer Project Journal 3 Planning Notes

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Journal 1

Polymer Project Journal 1 Notes


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Chinese Culture Revolution in simple English


After learning about the Chinese Culture Revolution with Mr.Fidler, hard and difficult, our group had create this Chinese Revolution video. Based on the learning in two weeks. The video was showing how Mao lead through the Chinese Revolution, and how the people thought about him. we had used four turning points to show the Revolution, turning point one was 1967 Red Guards went wild (from the country side) school reopened, second turning point was Liu Xiao Qi run away from the Chinese Cultural Proletarian Party, third turning point was The four olds, and the fourth turning point was When the gang of four control the power of the Communist Party. these turning points shows how the Mao started the revolution, and how he ended up the revolution. in These two weeks I learned about how brave was Mao and I was proud about what he did for China, but there are still things that Mao did wrong during the Chinese Revolution. Continue reading

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Blog post4 (Growing up)

Every person should be going through puberty, and everyone will all be questioning a lot. And this book is called ‘Growing Up’. This is a book that tells ‘s about kids that are going through puberty, reading this book is a way to know what is happening in your body and what changes during puberty. puberty is a confusing time, especially when you don’t know what to expect from this new body for yours. puberty is invisible, it always happens inside your body, but although these physical changes look like they’re only skin deep, they can actually change the feel of your body yourself. The change can be every person  ‘Growing up’ this is a book, shows things that you don’t know or know happening in your mind. I had learned a lot in this book, for example, the thinkings of our brain, girls not good at math, boys don’t cry, girls don’t do sports and boys don’t hug. This is called the self-esteem zappers. And from fitting in and gaining self-confidence to adjusting new feelings, new relationship, and human sexuality, it’s your changing emotions that make you grow up. After reading this book, I had understood my body more clear and the questions that I had before all had been answered.  This book can lead you through your puberty, and you can learn more thing during reading it. There are more things that you don’t know happening in your body, and there will be more things that you want to know about your body.

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Blog post 3 (Before I Fall)

I chose the main picture for a darker color and the background for a warmer color, because the story was telling a popular girl in school was going to a party, but after the party she lost her life in a traffic accident, when she woke up she found out she was living on the same day again, she doesn’t understand why she was living in the same day , She trys to change the day different to see if it let the time keep going, but it didn’t work, so then she was struggling through all the days she had been in (in the same day), after all the things she disgoverd and thought she finally found out the  reason why she lived in one day and understoods life was so beautiful, and that is why I chose a warm color for the background. The texts on the book cover were telling the feelings of the main character so it can let the readers understand the book more clearly and make the book more interesting.

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boxer rebellion

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The last book of the Universe

Today’s news

These are the words from the poster:

The Last Book in the Universe (2000) is a science fiction novel by Rodman Philbrick Set in a cyberpunk dystopia, its protagonist and narrator is a teenage boy named Spaz who suffers from epilepsy.

The novel is an adaptation of a short story previously written by the author in a collection called Tomorrowland. The story was also influenced greatly by Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451.

This was a book that a boy named Philbrick who wrote this, this is a reallife story that been adaptation by himself.

This book was a man name Spaz, he has no life except for stilling stuff from innocent people, and his group of people are named as the Banger. One normal day Spaz was just stilling stuffs, he met an old guy named Ryter, Ryter told him about life about future and past, Ryter wants to help him, He said Spaz come out of the banger I’ll bring you out of this ugly place, Spaz agreed and they started they’re adventure, when they are escaping the place where they live they only smell air pollution, the little world was small, a proov girl shouted out, her name is Lanaya she looks pretty and clean, Lanaya was the same as them, trying to escape here, they decided to be a team and go on the adventure, they found a car that can escape, then they went on to the adventure and  went to the beautiful place Eden!

This is the news that I’m writing, how spaz escape the world that he was living!!!

video/news that is similar to the story (hyperlinks) :


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I choose this photo to be my cover, is because the story [ Along walk to water ] is about kids that is finding water in the civil war, and the picture is thing that really happened in the civil war, so I chose this to be my cover picture. And the other text that is written on it is some questions that I want to ask the readers, and the question are connect with the story that I’m reading. At the end I wrote down the time that the civil war happened. The color is kind of dark because the story was not a very happy story so I use dark blue and red to be the background color.

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Who am I

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