The power of young feeble

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“Enthralling, thought-provoking, and unsettling…” _VOYA

“This fast-paced adventure… will leave readers musing over humanity’s future” _Booklist

 In past everybody lives wealthy, healthy, and everything in the universe was absolutely perfect like a pure white blanket. Until, a largest earthquake in mankind occurred which took over everything from us. Family, friends, houses, and wealth is not with us anymore.

Only things left around me was gooey puddle, black ashes, brownish wizened ripped papers, and rusted metals with devastated houses. Now, I work for a gang ruled by Billy Bizmo. In order to survive, I have to steal gleaming, and expensive things to Billy by stealing from others. Therefore, stealing is my job.

However, one day I met an old gummy called ryter. Ryter told me about future. He told me future will be ours if individual of us think, and imagine. The word ‘future’ he told me that day still wonder around my brain.

Individual’s idea/story has power to change the world. “Everybody has a story, he insists. There are things about your life that are specific to you. Secret things you know.” (Philbrick, 19) At that point of the story Ryter asked Spaz about his story. Ryter asked him story not because, he wanted to wrote piece of adventure novel but, he trusts value of story, idea, or imagination. In contrast, Spaz didn’t believe the power of story. However, though help of his friends of adventure he learns the power of individual or theirs’s story and he also learns individual can change the world.

Reading can change our future. “You’re my only hope!”. “The pages doesn’t matter, he says . You’re the book now! You’re the last book in the universe! Make it a good one.” (219) After a long wild adventure Ryter and Spaz finally success at curing Bean’s (Spaz’s sister) disease. However, when they came back to latch (district) the gang’s executed Ryter due to, gang’s rule but, before he told spaz you’re the last book in the universe. Ryter believe that, individual’s person’s idea can change the world and future. And by experience, Spaz also adopt Ryter’s idea about individual’s idea. Book is the corporation of author’s ideology, characteristic, idea, and almost everything about author. Therefore, Ryter believe reading book can change the world. Now, he is dead and Spaz has his idea of changing the world. Therefore, Spaz is the last book in the universe.

This book gave me a hope that, even a small young, feeble could change the world. Everybody can change the world! However, before changing the world, we must read books. Books has a power of changing the world. Therefore, we must read book in order to change the world.

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A Small Revolution of a Young Feeble

The book I based on for making this poster is “The Last Book in the Universe” written by Rodman Philbrick. The protagonist in this book is Spaz. Spaz is a young tender boy living on the verge of Latch(District) near Eden (Richest city in the story where only high ranks known as proov could only live). The master of gang known as “Billy” rules the Latch where Spaz lives. Billy isn’t a physically strong man but, he has extraordinary eyes which pressure others. He forces Spaz to obey him. One day, Spaz goes to stole an wizened old gummy

“Ryter”. Only things he had were piles of obsolete and rusted radio, brownish newspaper, and a book. Ryter expected Spaz to come to his house. He let Spaz in and told him that future will be theirs of they “remember the past and read book”. There was nothing to rip in old gummy’s house. Spaz return to his base and heard from the runner (agent)of a devilish tragedy. Runner told him that, his sister Bean was dying. He packed his stuff off and began a long harsh journey to his sister with Ryter…

“Always believe Billy. Always obey Billy. Always speak true to Billy.” (Philbrick, 46) This quote is what Billy always said to Spaz whenever he has a mind to betray him. In latch, Billy is a god. Billy is society. He rules and controls everything and everybody must obey Billy unless you die. He acts like a dictator.  Everyone in there is ruled by Billy. However, as you can see in the middle of the poster you can see “inside my head I’m already running away” which shows Spaz’s philosophy against Billy who is the master of latch. Therefore, this poster is showing Person VS Person.

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A Turning Point in my life

“This is Esther Forbes at her brilliant best.”

-Book Week


Johnny Tremain is fourteen and apprenticed to a silversmith. He is talented, sharp, and lords his talents over the other apprentices until tragedy strikes. A brutal molten silver broke and the silver spilt over Johnny’s right hand. The hand is devilishly burnt. It’s useless now… Since, his hand is disabled he is no longer a silversmith. However, his life took a new path: Being a patriot.

With Sons of Liberty he undergone a lots of events such as, Battle of Lexington, and Boston Tea Party. Johnny’s dream of being silversmith may be dead but he has discovered a new dream that, lead his motherland to a glittering future.


Before Johnny’s right hand is being injured, he was a mean, and evil person. He always bullied other apprentices and treated them as like his slave. “You do that again and I’ll beat you up again. You overgrown pig-of-a-louse” (Forbes, 3) This shows that Johnny has an extreme bad personality and he is arrogant. He is also a egoist person.“You are the stupidest animal. God ever made” (33) This shows that how brutal he spoke, also this shows how much he didn’t really care about how others would felt when he spoke brutal words to others.


After Johnny’s hand became disabled, he decided to be a patriot instead of being silversmith. “The gentlemen gathered here tonight. Simply, as they love their country and liberty and hate tyranny.” (139)  He met a friend named Rab. Rab is a cold, and negative person. Then, he offered Johnny to be a patriot. Johnny was curious and interested of being patriot so he joined a patriot group. In there, he learnt a lot about propriety. He regretted what he’d done wrong and start a new life as a passionate patriot.


Johnny was a rude and disrespectful to others when he was a silversmith. However, being a patriot was a turning point of his life. Because, he became a patriot he learnt what is to look back his past and regret about his wicked act plus, he involved in great opportunities to free his country from British.

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David’s Story

In humanities, I wrote about some events that occurred during American Revolution in 1st person of view. David is a patriot who loves his country and work extremely hard to independence his country from evil British.

American Revolution Journals

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American Revolution Video

This video is about analyzing the major turning points which happened in American Revolution. We had 8 key points. French Indian war, Townshed act, Boston Massacre, Boston Tea Party, Battle of Lexington, Declaration of Independence, Battle of Yorktown, and The Treaty of Paris. We said the cause & effect, KW., and main characters. We had quite a lot of trouble at doing massive amounts of works in just a limited amount of time and that was the only challenging one.

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Lessons in Heaven

Spoiler alert! *




“All endings are also beginnings. We just don’t know it at the time…” (Albom, 1)

Life… is an unpaved road that we have to walk through. During walking this road, we eventually have to go through a door called ‘death’ and ready for that. A man called ‘Eddie’ sacrifice for a young girl called ‘Annie’. When he wakes up the time was changed to 70 years ago. He realized he was dead. He was at the Theme Park… After that, he met 5 most people who impacted his life and each people gave him philosophical lessons. He finally learns that he didn’t sacrifice for nothing. Because he sacrificed a one young life could alive.

All lives are balanced. “You say you should have died instead of me. But during my time on earth, people died instead of me, too.” (48) When someone gone, that doesn’t only mean he is dead. It also means other lost somebody. While someone is dying a new life born. When people die immediately people born immediately. All those events are counter to each other. And when one thing is counter to another it is balanced. Life is the exact same thing. Because somebody dead instead of me in a short moment. People only think of what they lost but, because you lost something someone or you may have got benefit of it.

Sacrifice is part of our life it is not something that disadvantageous. “A mother works so her son can go to school. A daughter moves home to take care of her sick father.” “I didn’t die for nothing either. That night, we might have all driven over that land mine. Then the four of us would have been gone.” (93) Sacrifice doesn’t fully means loosing. It also means getting new things. Because captain sacrifice, his troop could survive. Because, our parent works for us we can live in such a nice condition. We lose something when we sacrifice but, we earn more.

In conclusion, Eddie finally knew that Annie survived. And after time passed and passed Annie thought about how she lived what as exactly same as Eddie did. And Eddie is waiting for her to tell a story and that kinds of events continuously happens…

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One Day 2017-Simulating Korean War using Civ5


Our Goal was to simulate The Korean War using Civ.5

What did you learn?

I learn that, Korean War was really violence. There were over a million of casualties. According to my grandfather he said, nothing… Absolutely Nothing(!) left after Korean War. In, 25th, Jun, 1950 North Korean attacked South Korea crossing 38th parallel. They invaded Seoul, where is capital of South Korea, in just 3 days. They push border until, Nakdong River. However, UN decided to help South Korean because firstly, UN didn’t accept North Korea as country. Secondly, USA never wanted spread of communist in Asia. South Korea push border until near Manchuria but, Chinese involve in war and bloody battles continued and border like now formed.


What went well?

There were cities have exactly same name with real cities in Korean Peninsula. The first part (North Korean pushing borders and America helping SK.) going well. The people in our group spent great effort in this project. We even, use break time to do this project.


What would you do differently if you were able to do this again?

  • We will do as fast as we could possible.
  • We won’t shoot nukes.
  • We will simulate history as accurate as possible.
  • We won’t change the result of war. s
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How Big Is Our Solar System

How Big is our Solar System? Well… the Solar System is much bigger than what you usually expected. When we look at the Solar System as one big circle, the ratio of it is 5,900,000,000 km long. The diameter of sun is 1,392,000km long means, (5,900,000,000*2/1,392,000= 8477) the whole solar system is as long as 8477 of suns labeled in one line. And let’s now see how big is sun. Sun has about 1,392,000km long diameter. And Earth has about 12,800km long. Sun is 108.75 times larger than earth.

Do you now imagine how long is Solar System is? (Diameter of Earth*108.75= Sun’s Diameter. Sun’s Diameter*8477= 5,900,000,000)

We went outside trip to learn how big is Solar System by body. (Let’s see 1cm as 50,000km) First planet that we label was sun. Than we went to Mercury which is 11.6m far from sun. After, we went 10m more where Venus is located. Then, our home planet earth is located 9m after Venus. The mars is 15.6m after Earth. This is just end of the rocky planets. After going to the Mars we went to Jupiter: the biggest planet in Solar System. We go 110m to reach Jupiter (At this point we went to other field). We went to the Saturn which was 130m far away from Jupiter. Then, we went to Uranus which was 289m far away and we went to inside Gym 3. Then, we went to Neptune which was about 326m far away. Then eventually, we reach to Pluto which was 280m far away and the place we reach finally was in front of Cafeteria.

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Reflection of The Star Night

The Star Night was one of the most interesting that I had ever experienced in ISB. We watched stars using telescopes, and we use some applications to observe the stars or planet. I see Jupiter, Moon, Mars, and Venus etc. Well… I couldn’t see jupiter clearly, when I saw it, it was just small white ball. We had to solve some questions related to stars. And I learn some new consolations such as, Orion, W, Scorpion, and other consolations. And the light was mostly turned off so, it was clear to see night sky but, it was hard to see in front.

Good Things about star night were, there were nice meals and deserts. The quality of telescope was very good, weather was nice and there were some good applications to help us to observe stars and planets and Gym was quite warm.

The thing needs to be improved are, I wanted more longer observing time. The movie’s quality is just fine but, the story was like power rangers.

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A Wild Life

“A painful tale, beautifully told!”       _ Da Chen, Bestselling Author of Colors Of  The  Mountain 

“Engaging for Teenagers… A story with momentum and suspense.” _ The Toronto Star

“But I had learned at an early age that there were two topics I should never question: the gods and the government” (Ting, 9). In communist countries usually, the government refers as leader of the people, and glorious people’s party. However the life of a girl shows ‘Communism is cruel’.

The communists wanted people to be stupid to keep their power. “Our neighbours-and we -were terrified. Even a toy drum beating could halt a conversation” (50). ” They built a bonfire in the sky-well and burned books and paintings, old and new, hurling them into the flames from the upper windows. The senseless destruction horrified me” (51). This shows that the communist party were devastating all the things that disagreeing with their faith even if that wass a really tiny thing. The reason why communist government do this is because, they want people to be stupid. The communist is a society which based on ‘obey’. However, if people know other things against communism the government will hard to keep power especially in country like china which has massive population. Therefore, communist wanted people to be stupid.

The communism make people to don’t trust each other. “Was he really a great man? Or was he the author of all our misfortunes as I had always believed? I wondered if my attitude would change after I saw him” (89). “First you steal our house and now our food!” (123). This shows that the people were always watching each other, because they always watch each other the people started to doubt each other and even their leader ‘Chairman Mao‘. This happened because basically, the structure of communists is watching each other (big brother is watching you). So, make sure the people know who is against government. However, this system makes people’s life anxious and scary.

In conclusion, I wonder if communism really respecting ‘the people’. And I also realized because of Chinese government people were suffered a lot.




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