Reasons why those people who lived in the maze for years didn’t find the exit of it.

Minho took Thomas to a secret house, inside the room they built a giant and very detailed maze with wood sticks. Minho told Thomas they thought there’s no exit of the maze before Thomas came because he walked in the maze for 3 years he knows the pattern of how it will change at night and remembered all the roads but just couldn’t find the exit of it.

People are afraid of the griever they are scared to know what they look like and fight against them. If they killed one of it early together they could get out from the maze before those scientists send Thomas here.

People’s memories were erased before they were sent into the maze. If their memories weren’t erased I guess they will be smarter and braver and will easily find out the entrance of the griever is their exit.

Wicked doesn’t want them to get out from the maze with a short period of time, they erased their memories because if they knew their home was destroyed I think people would rather stay in the maze than trying to escape.

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One of the characters in the story “The Sign Of The Four” reminds me an old classmate I had when I was in elementary school a few years back. In that story, the protagonist Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson were asked to help with a case, where one person in a group of five broke his promises to the others, after that he ran back to England with all the treasures all five of them found during the Indian rebellion and put them into his own pocket. My old classmate was the type of person who always asked his peers for money. He used to promise that he will pay it back the next day, or as soon as he could, possibly no more than a couple of days, but never paid anything back. And also, when we were on a group project he would be responsible for collecting materials for our group, things like color paper, glue, stamps, etc. He always complained about the small budget we agreed upon was not enough to get very good quality raw materials, so we had to pay more than usual to him in order to get his “quality goods”. At last, when all the materials arrived, they weren’t fancy at all, and probably very low quality as well. No one knew where the money went but what we did know was that he took some part of it. As a result, nobody was kind enough even willing to lend anything to him afterward. Throughout this person’s story it warned me to not break any promises otherwise nobody will trust and you won’t have any friends.

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Lawrence Exeter Senior went to the baby shop to buy the baby product for his grandson, since this child later went to school for boys. Four days later the child was born at the Hollywood Hospital, but a month later the baby got sick, Exeter Senior called the doctor home to treat him.


Two months later Exeter Junior took his son and his wife to the amusement park to have fun. October 10th, 1909 was the first day for the kid to go to school, it was also the first tuition Exeter Junior payed for his son. The next year Junior decided to buy a bicycle for the kid so that he didn’t need to take the school bus or walk to school every day. The academic standing for this child was always above average but Exeter Junior was worried because he didn’t like to follow the rules and sometime got himself into serious trouble.


Exeter Junior decided to send him to military camp hope he will be starting following instructions in the future. Since the kid got accepted into Stanford University. As prize for his hard work, Exeter Junior decided to buy him a car but he crashed it four days later after he got the car. The kid’s college life was enriched, he did not just study, he also joined clubs regarding what he was interested in. Soon after that, Exeter Junior bought him a house near the campus so that he did not need to commute to school for a very long time.


The kids also met his girlfriend at the university, they went to France during school vacation together. When the kid finished his college he asked his dad to buy him a better house and then, he purposed to his girlfriend. When they got married they went to Hawaii for honeymoon.


When they got back the kids continued his studying with a master’s degree, then upgraded the degree to PhD on what he had been studying all along. As Exeter Junior made more money each year, he bought himself a better house and hired a bodyguard when he’s going to somewhere he’s not familiar. As Junior became a workaholic he didn’t take good care of his body, so he became weaker and weaker, finally he got hospitalized, and eleven days later, he passed away.



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Something Creative: A Reinterpretation of a Poe Passage

    <- Poe’s paragrph 


The book was describing an evil murderer so I did some research on evil names and “Zander Storm” was on the list. Also, I detailed the furniture with old and fragile sense, and as well as I wrote more about the movement was done by both the old man, and Zander. The whole paragraph was totally rewritten

Zander Storm had his head into the quiet bedroom and was about to open the old lantern. Suddenly, Zander’s thumb accidentally slipped upon the fragile tin fastening and created a bit of noise of friction between metals. The weak old man sprang up in the bed, and cried. Zander kept quite still and waited for the old man to get asleep again, he didn’t even manage to move a muscle. But the old man didn’t lie down, he was still sitting up in the bed, staring at the door scared. They both holed and waited for the other to “surrender” first. Zander continued the process for days.

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Diary of poor life

Junior was born in a poor family lived in reservation when his best friend got sick but they couldn’t take him to doctor so what his dad pulled out his rifle he realized “a bullet only cost about 2 cents, and anybody can afford that.”

Because of poverty issues, his family doesn’t have that much money to spend on his clothing so he always dressed half homeless person:”I was dressed as a homeless person.”

Everyone lived on the reservation they all have the same childhood dreams which were to become rich and famous in the future so Sherman writes: “I want to be a rich and famous artist.”

Mr P explained the evil plan American government require them to do: “ We aren’t trying to kill Indian people but we are trying to kill Indian culture. We are supposed to make you give up being Indian.

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Water Changes Everything

The book I read this month was interesting and contrasted with all other books I’ve read before because the author created two main characters in two different time periods in South Sudan. The girl Nya (from 2008) lived in a small village near the place the boy Salva (from 1985) used to live with his warm and sweet family before the painful memory of losing all his family members during the brutal civil war that began in the 1980s. The story begins with two people, from different and historically rival tribes, having nothing got to do with each other at a different time period in Sudan.  Little does the reader know that each of their “long walks to water” might cross.Nya, the girl from a poor Nuer family, doesn’t have a faucet to produce clean water every day, so she has to carry a big plastic container and walk for four hours and when she gets the fetch water from the pond she has to walk for four hours again but this time with full water in her container.  That is her job every day.  No school.  No future. This is her long walk to the water.

Nya, the girl from a poor Nuer family, doesn’t have a faucet to produce clean water every day, so she has to carry a big plastic container and walk for four hours and when she gets the fetch water from the pond she has to walk for four hours again but this time with full water in her container.  That is her job every day.  No school.  No future. This is her long walk to the water.

Salva, a 12-year-old boy from Dinka race, goes to school for part of the year and he is a good student. At the beginning of his story, he is daydreaming about his family and culture.  Linda Sue Park uses this to give us context in the exposition — it’s her way of helping us understand Salva better. His father is a successful man; he is a judge of the court in his village everyone respects him. His brothers and he tend to the family cows and based on their ages have different responsibilities.  His mother and sisters tend to their house and girls do not go to school in the Dinka tribe either.  Shockingly, he is startled from his daydream when suddenly a bomb is dropped and gunfire explodes outside of his school. The war was officially begun in his village, and his teacher told him to keep running and hide in the bush – the small trees and bushes in the desert of South Sudan.  He must walk away from the fighting.  Away from his family.  This is his long walk.  But where is the water?

After many hardships, Salva finally went to the USA and he got adopted by an America family, he graduated university and he went back to Sudan and found a foundation built some well for the people live there who were surviving for not having clean water and water-related disease. These movements also benefited Nya, she doesn’t have to walk for hours and hours every day, she could you those time for education.

Salva’s foundation site

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The Power of Water to Change Everything

Access to the clean water is a global issue now, it affects, millions of people and we have the power it changes it!  These days, many people live at a none clean water condition. People were also suffering from water-related disease, about 19 seconds a mom loses her child because of a water-related illness. 1 billion people do not have access to clean water. These facts demonstrate there is an important need for access to clean water. We have the power to change this. You could contribute help to “Water for South Sudan” run by Salva when he got 12 thousand dollars he will be able to build another well at South Sudan, it can help more people.  Also what we can also do is to read “A Long Walk to water” by Linda Sue Park and share it with friends so more people will know about this global issue and participate in helping to solve it. In conclusion, after I read the book and did some research I learned that how important water is to human.

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Turn on Your Genius Mode

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The School Troublemaker Ends Up Talented and Gifted

What are the consequences when the biggest troublemaker at Hardcastle Middle School destroys the school gym during the biggest basketball game of the season? He ends up at the local gifted and talented school. This “error” sparks many different conflicts.

Thirteen year-old Donovan is a troublemaker: He never follows the instructions, concentrating only on the tasks he thinks is fun. One day, when he decides to whack the butt of the Atlas statue at the top of the school hill, the globe detaches and crashed right into the school gym. Of course, the school superintendent decides to expel him. And Donovan knew it was the right thing to do, even though he couldn’t seem to control himself: “He was probably right. They were all right. But when the thing is right in front of me… I don’t think; I do” (2 Korman). This shows Donovan’s internal conflict with himself. He lacks self-control.

But, right before his expulsion, there was a massive turning point in the plot. He was so lucky that the secretary’s negligence saved him, as she accidentally messed up his paperwork and put his profile with other identified geniuses. Now, the genius academy thought he was gifted as well, so they enrolled him. He exhaled his breath because he escaped from trouble but he knows better than anyone else that he doesn’t belongs in there. Only Donovan, his best friends (the Daniels), and readers know the full truth. This sets up conflict with others and a continued tension with himself. Should he be honest?

Conflicts within the school and with others begin to arise: “He wants me to admit that I got 4 out of 35 on purpose… But why would you? It just didn’t matter.” (102) The life in academy was good physically but tiring mentally as he continued to try and hide the truth from his new friends and his family. This part is the rising action of the book as things continue to build tension as he becomes a humorous part of the robotics team and the lives of these young Einsteins.

At first, he doesn’t really have any friends in academy, but he helps the gifted kids feel more “normal”. Though he is a weird person with lower IQ than anyone else in school, it seems his helpfulness affects others, and they see him as their friend. In fact, they hacked into his laptop, finished a test he was going to fail, help him to stay in the gifted program or not for him when he was despair. ”That’s where it was going to happen… I wouldn’t be in the program much longer (if I failed the test).” (169-170) “Then the first question appeared on the screen… Who was doing this for me?” (171-174) Donovan knew that he had finally began to change and conflicts would decrease because his new friendships were deeper and real.

Readers will see he deserves the title of “genius” for his own unique reasons.

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The Conflicted Girl

There are so many tough decisions she had to make, the revolution destroyed her dreams and good memories of childhood, it also made a profound impact in her life.

During the Chinese Culture Revolution Chairman, Mao created the red guards to support his ideal of communism. He also labeled some people who disagree with his thoughts as elites which are the people who will need to be criticized or deported.

The revolution destroyed her family, her sweet dreams and her study. The red guards captured her dad imprisoned him, she had to hide every time when the red guards came to her house for rummage during the time she realized her dream was disillusioned. (I dreamed of being an actress…… Now I was no longer sure that was still true. (Jiang 18)) Chairman Mao controlled the knowledge school will teach her, school were all learning the quotations from him.

She’s always honest. (To fulfill my responsibility…… newspaper instead. (43)) students back then will create Da Zi Bao when they dislike this teacher or the teacher refused to teach them the glorious quotations from Chairman Mao. In her book, a teacher offended her classmates, so they created a Da Zi Bao to criticized the teacher, but it was a lie. When her classmates invited her to join and saying it’s her duty to doing this. She copied some text from the newspaper instead because she didn’t want to stand against Chairman Mao and she doesn’t want to treat the teacher unfairly.

Her thinking was also logically (Many friends have asked…… We were all brainwashed. (265)) She described the revolution will very clear sentences and using the strong words to share her perspective of the people during the revolution.

Overall, based on what I developed she is a strong, honest and logically girls in the story.

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