The Conflicted Girl

There are so many tough decisions she had to make, the revolution destroyed her dreams and good memories of childhood, it also made a profound impact in her life.

During the Chinese Culture Revolution Chairman, Mao created the red guards to support his ideal of communism. He also labeled some people who disagree with his thoughts as elites which are the people who will need to be criticized or deported.

The revolution destroyed her family, her sweet dreams and her study. The red guards captured her dad imprisoned him, she had to hide every time when the red guards came to her house for rummage during the time she realized her dream was disillusioned. (I dreamed of being an actress…… Now I was no longer sure that was still true. (Jiang 18)) Chairman Mao controlled the knowledge school will teach her, school were all learning the quotations from him.

She’s always honest. (To fulfill my responsibility…… newspaper instead. (43)) students back then will create Da Zi Bao when they dislike this teacher or the teacher refused to teach them the glorious quotations from Chairman Mao. In her book, a teacher offended her classmates, so they created a Da Zi Bao to criticized the teacher, but it was a lie. When her classmates invited her to join and saying it’s her duty to doing this. She copied some text from the newspaper instead because she didn’t want to stand against Chairman Mao and she doesn’t want to treat the teacher unfairly.

Her thinking was also logically (Many friends have asked…… We were all brainwashed. (265)) She described the revolution will very clear sentences and using the strong words to share her perspective of the people during the revolution.

Overall, based on what I developed she is a strong, honest and logically girls in the story.

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