The Power of Water to Change Everything

Access to the clean water is a global issue now, it affects, millions of people and we have the power it changes it!  These days, many people live at a none clean water condition. People were also suffering from water-related disease, about 19 seconds a mom loses her child because of a water-related illness. 1 billion people do not have access to clean water. These facts demonstrate there is an important need for access to clean water. We have the power to change this. You could contribute help to “Water for South Sudan” run by Salva when he got 12 thousand dollars he will be able to build another well at South Sudan, it can help more people.  Also what we can also do is to read “A Long Walk to water” by Linda Sue Park and share it with friends so more people will know about this global issue and participate in helping to solve it. In conclusion, after I read the book and did some research I learned that how important water is to human.

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