Something Creative: A Reinterpretation of a Poe Passage

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The book was describing an evil murderer so I did some research on evil names and “Zander Storm” was on the list. Also, I detailed the furniture with old and fragile sense, and as well as I wrote more about the movement was done by both the old man, and Zander. The whole paragraph was totally rewritten

Zander Storm had his head into the quiet bedroom and was about to open the old lantern. Suddenly, Zander’s thumb accidentally slipped upon the fragile tin fastening and created a bit of noise of friction between metals. The weak old man sprang up in the bed, and cried. Zander kept quite still and waited for the old man to get asleep again, he didn’t even manage to move a muscle. But the old man didn’t lie down, he was still sitting up in the bed, staring at the door scared. They both holed and waited for the other to “surrender” first. Zander continued the process for days.

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