Lawrence Exeter Senior went to the baby shop to buy the baby product for his grandson, since this child later went to school for boys. Four days later the child was born at the Hollywood Hospital, but a month later the baby got sick, Exeter Senior called the doctor home to treat him.


Two months later Exeter Junior took his son and his wife to the amusement park to have fun. October 10th, 1909 was the first day for the kid to go to school, it was also the first tuition Exeter Junior payed for his son. The next year Junior decided to buy a bicycle for the kid so that he didn’t need to take the school bus or walk to school every day. The academic standing for this child was always above average but Exeter Junior was worried because he didn’t like to follow the rules and sometime got himself into serious trouble.


Exeter Junior decided to send him to military camp hope he will be starting following instructions in the future. Since the kid got accepted into Stanford University. As prize for his hard work, Exeter Junior decided to buy him a car but he crashed it four days later after he got the car. The kid’s college life was enriched, he did not just study, he also joined clubs regarding what he was interested in. Soon after that, Exeter Junior bought him a house near the campus so that he did not need to commute to school for a very long time.


The kids also met his girlfriend at the university, they went to France during school vacation together. When the kid finished his college he asked his dad to buy him a better house and then, he purposed to his girlfriend. When they got married they went to Hawaii for honeymoon.


When they got back the kids continued his studying with a master’s degree, then upgraded the degree to PhD on what he had been studying all along. As Exeter Junior made more money each year, he bought himself a better house and hired a bodyguard when he’s going to somewhere he’s not familiar. As Junior became a workaholic he didn’t take good care of his body, so he became weaker and weaker, finally he got hospitalized, and eleven days later, he passed away.



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