One of the characters in the story “The Sign Of The Four” reminds me an old classmate I had when I was in elementary school a few years back. In that story, the protagonist Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson were asked to help with a case, where one person in a group of five broke his promises to the others, after that he ran back to England with all the treasures all five of them found during the Indian rebellion and put them into his own pocket. My old classmate was the type of person who always asked his peers for money. He used to promise that he will pay it back the next day, or as soon as he could, possibly no more than a couple of days, but never paid anything back. And also, when we were on a group project he would be responsible for collecting materials for our group, things like color paper, glue, stamps, etc. He always complained about the small budget we agreed upon was not enough to get very good quality raw materials, so we had to pay more than usual to him in order to get his “quality goods”. At last, when all the materials arrived, they weren’t fancy at all, and probably very low quality as well. No one knew where the money went but what we did know was that he took some part of it. As a result, nobody was kind enough even willing to lend anything to him afterward. Throughout this person’s story it warned me to not break any promises otherwise nobody will trust and you won’t have any friends.

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