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Destroy the olds, establishing the new

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Culture Revolution

The revolution had many profound effects for the Chinese people and changed thoughts about education at that period. Mao especially targeted the educated class of people. He labeled them as elites and forced the universities to close down. He captured, imprisoned, or executed many of the professors who disagreed with his ideals for communism. He reeducated the youth through his Red Book of quotations, and led students to the countryside to practice agriculture as an ideal. This led to a generation of people who were less educated, and while it unified some of China, it also set the country back.

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characteristics of a leader

I read the book called “Lord of flies” written by William Golding last month, the book is about a plane crashed on an unknown island, a group of boys survived and they govern the island and build up their own society.

One of the main characters in the book is called Ralph, he is the leader for one of the group. He is intelligent because he is teaching the boys “The smoke is more important than the pigs” (108 Golding). If there is a ship passing by and it sees the steam, they will come to resource them. It will solve all the problems, but the pig can only solve one problem. Also, he gets everyone’s attention by using a shell to make a noise: “Their heads clustered above the trunks…… something was being done.” (17) He figured out to use natural materials to make loud sounds which will get everybody’s attention without yelling.

Ralph is brave as well he have no fear about the “beast” at all, he even wants to strike it  “’we saw the beast’…’piggy, where are the spears?’” (135)

Ralph protects the weakness too “Piggy looks to Ralph as a leader and confidante, but also for protection.” (21)

overall it showed Ralph deserve to be the leader for their society, but unfortunately, he didn’t is because Jack which is the other group’s leader is too violent and also much more powerful than him.


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Non-fiction blog post

I have read a book written by Tiger Woods about how to play golf for this mouth, and the chapter I am going to write about is “How to Handle Problems”.

I chose this chapter because there are many problems that come up on the course. Woods gives a lot of advice for “when it starts getting ugly”. (207 Woods) In his book, he include and explains most of the situations that happen to me on the golf course, and the trouble shots to solve them.  For example, when there was a barrier like a tree in front of me that is blocking the path to the green, the solution is to hit a hook or slice, depending upon the barrier’s position. As well as advising what to do, he also explains how to do it. The techniques he illustrates improved my game immensely.

On the course there are always some adverse conditions that come up, just like Tiger’s example …” of frustrating moment [s that] have come from plugged lies” (210). The adversity for Tiger was trying to hit his ball out of a bunker onto the green but he didn’t hit a good shot; instead of going onto the green it rolled back in to the bunker and stopped next to his feet. I am impressed that he actually cleared his mind and hit a fantastic shot: as you can see in the picture, the ball went straight towards the flag. If it was me before I’d seen these examples from Tiger, I might get really mad and my mind insane, out of control. I might give up, resulting in another errant shot that might influence my mood for the rest of the holes.

Overall, the suggestion Tiger given me in the book was helpful and it gave me guide on how to clear minds when problems comes up.  By handling problems with a clear mind, before you take your next shot, your next shot will be better.





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Journal 4

We spend many times on experiment, thing doesn’t go well as I thought, the polymer was not soft enough, not sticky enough……  problems came up every time when I fix another problem. I felt lucky that we have the guide paper, it tells us we can add more borax and PVA solution to make our polymer stickier and stretch.


we’ve failed many times, we learned many experience from it. For example: some element cannot be bonded with other successfully, and add more into it will not always appear a better result it might make thing worse. The solution to fix them is keep experiment I think, because some of the polymer we made cannot be stickled on the corner, some of them was very sticky it can’t even get off our hands. The best polymer we made was very soft, just right stickiest and is stretchable.


Overall we tried our best to design and made the polymer, as I said before I learned, add more won’t make the better result, and we have to spent time on experiment in science.

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Journal 3

We want our polymer to have more stickiness and stretch, and we also want our polymer to have less gooeyness and stringiness. The prototype we developed with 20 ml Borax and 20ml PVA solution, 20ml glue. We will check the stickiness by pasting on the martial and calculate the amount of time it sticks to the surface. We will check it’s strictness by stretching the martial and measuring the distance using a ruler.


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Journal 2

Our goal for our polymer is going to stick on the corner of ant furniture. My target audience are probably going to be the family with very little kids who like to running around at home, since when they were running they might be bumping into the corner it is very dangerous. our polymer must be very sticky so it will stay on the corner for a long period of time, also it has to be soft, otherwise is just useless and is even better without that. For the sticky part we will just add more glue and for the soft part we will add more PVA solution in it. We are going to use super slime because is very soft but he will just add a little bit more glue in it so it can be stickier. Furniture edge guard has already manufactured but the average cost on the internet is around 10 dollars and also is hard to take off without make a mark on the furniture which will “destroy” appearance. There are two reasons why our polymer will be different: first, our polymer is going to cost very low price. Second, the little pisses of our polymer can we whipped of easily with hands. The last reason is because we produce any color you want.

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Boxer rebellion

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Synthetic Polymer and Natural Polymer

A polymer is a lot of the same type of molecules bonded together. One type of polymer is Oobleck. It is made with water and cornstarch, and it is a solid. When pressure is applied, it turns into a liquid. Another type of polymer is Gloop. Gloop is made of PVA Glue, Borax, Cornstarch and Water. It is a blue tac-like thing. Natural polymers are materials produced by nature, like sand and cotton. Synthetic polymers are made by humans, such as plastic and glass.

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