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Official Intro to Tutor Training

Hey everyone! This is a little intro to who I am and why I joined tutor training: 

I’ve wanted to learn how to teach people for a long time. In elementary school, I idolised teachers. I could not understand how some of them were so good that they could teach me entirely new concepts in a short amount of time and provide effortlessly comprehendible explanations. In middle school, I gave it a go. As per class requirement, each student was given a respective younger student to buddy up with for a period. Most of the students decided to use this time to go out and play (the older ones would teach soccer and basketball). My buddy and I were heavily interested in reading. Every other day for a school year, we read books together. When there was a difficult word or a reference to something new, I would be there to try to provide an answer. It was fun and rewarding; my buddy and I built a tight relationship, and the discussions over the books we read were thought-provoking.

When I entered 7th grade, the coursework picked up. I was struggling to write good essays and stories in English class. My parents helped me out in that regard and taught me how to write interesting and concise pieces. Most of the knowledge I have today is due to the proficiency of teachers. When I entered 9th grade, I finally gave tutoring in a formal setting a try. My goal was to teach an individual how to write creatively. It took a lot of thought and effort to plan daily lessons, and at one point I questioned if there was progress. The end product (student’s piece) was successful, and I am proud of the drive I had. However, I want to learn how exactly to tutor someone. I think it is essential to understand what goes into teaching someone (how to plan, how to access the student’s strengths, what exercises to do as a result of that). I went into the activity with a laid back attitude that because I fully appreciate and understand creative writing (through my practice and reading of countless books) that I can teach a person with just that. But it does not work like that. The tutor needs to plan thoroughly and take time to reflect on past lessons.

I believe that through this course, I will be able to define exactly what I need to tutor a student effectively. I understand that tutoring is different from teaching, but the reason to do it is still the same. Helping someone learn brings benefits to the tutor as well as the student. The tutor learns necessary skills for life (how to communicate, teach and plan) and also is further along the path to mastering the subject being discussed. There is also the very important part that a tutor can heighten the student’s desire to learn. Learning something new is truly a great experience if you are interested the topic.

I have a small bio on my home page addressing who I am, but I’ll sum it up quickly here. I love learning. I’m most interested in English Literature, Humanities and Science. Most of my time is spent reading. This is a bit problematic because I have no problem picking up and starting two more books while I’m halfway through another one. I’m currently reading The Shining, The Da Vinci Code and just recently finished The Crucible. I am a visual and auditory learner (if someone gives me a textbook or explains the topic, I work better). I also like to swim and act in theatre.

I’m excited to build up my skills in tutor training this year!

Tutor Training (TT): #1

It is January 7th, 2019 (10th grade) and I am starting tutor training I. 🙂