Ecosia- An Eco-friendly Search Engine

Have you ever used any other search engines other than Google, Baidu, Bing or other popular search engines? If yes, then you are also a commoner, so am I. However, one day, I was exploring FireFox, I typed in a the word “trees” in the search button. Only one link popped out. It wrote: “Ecosia- Search the web, save the environment: Ecosia donates 80% of its surplus income to a tree planing program. Give it a try!” It definitely hooked my attention and so, I gave it a try.

I clicked on it and I was brought to this website. An appealing designed logo stood out. It had the words bent, creating an arch shape. Also the “O” was designed into Earth. At the bottom, it showed a pleasant scene of a gardener planting trees. In the background, there were mountains slightly  fading away, parrots flying freely, spreading out their wings, and a colorful hot air balloon.

I didn’t no what to search, so I wrote “GO GREEN!” A note popped out on to the screen, it wrote, “You’ve helped plant a tree!” That was shocking. In just seconds and by doing nothing? It might not be true, but the idea is pretty interesting. This is why I want to inform other people to give it a try on Ecosia and maybe help plant several trees.