Oil Painting Media Testing Blog Post Reflection

To create this oil paint piece, we were asked to take a black-and-white photo of our faces with high contrast under strong lighting. To transform the picture onto canvas, we first printed and gridded the A4 picture into ten rows and seven columns and repeated this step on the cardboard canvas. This made sure our proportions were accurate. Then using an HB pencil, we sketched the outline of our faces using the gridlines as guidance. Values were finally added when we applied oil painting consisting only of black and white.

This was the first time I used oil painting. I learned that when painting with oil paint, only a small amount of paint is required. It also can last very long without drying. It’s different from acrylic because water alone cannot clean oil brushes, it requires thinner before rinsing.

From this media testing, I was introduced to oil paint, and I feel as if it had already become my go-to paint. The smoothness and quality of being able to blend so easily really appeals to me because it makes the shading of my artwork realistic.

When oil paint gets in contact with paint thinner, the texture and smoothness automatically disappears. Therefore, I don’t enjoy using paint thinner. However, when I want to change the color of my paint from dark paint to a lighter paint, I have to use the thinner to clean my brush. Next time, I will have with me by my side several hand towels to dry the thinner from my brush. I wonder what other media and canvas material can work with oil paint. Also, what other qualities do oil paint have that make it a good painting media?

Song Song and Little Cat

  1. How was the economic status of each girl decided? Explain if you think this is fair.

The society around us is filled with people of different economic levels and living in different environments, with different backgrounds. Their life depends on their parents’ economic status and the kind of people their parents are. Some people are born to enjoy life and some are here to find a way to survive. There’s a balance between the people, maintaining our society. The less fortunate people might say it’s unfair, while the fortunate people will say it’s fair. However, the children can make a difference for themselves, either good or bad when they don’t rely on their parents anymore. I hope that our world can give education to everyone and lessen the range of the economic status for the people in our worlds.

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