Spring Break Art Gallery Reflection

What was the theme of the show? 

The Duo Solo Exhibition showcased both Zhao Yang and Betty Woodman’s artworks. The artworks were displayed in one gallery to showcase how these two artists from different traditions, regions, background and gender, work on the theme of the body.

What media?  Betty Woodman uses her usual medium, glazed earthenware, but transforms it into multimedia art by combining in acrylic paint on canvas with the traditional pottery. Zhao Yang works with oil and acrylic on canvas.

What genre of art? Contemporary art.

Who were the artists? Zhao Yang and Betty Woodman.

Where did you go?  Shanghai K11 exhibition.

What did you notice about the artwork in terms of the formal qualities?  How did the formal qualities of the work support the theme/message? Zhao Yang’s paintings wander through reality, Eastern and Western fairy tales, as well as fables, transforming themselves as carriers of metaphors and symbols, and finally, presenting the hybrid images to the audiences. All these experiences, emotions, histories, stories and feelings are expressed out smoothly with Zhao’s plain painting language. Betty Woodman’s exuberantly colorful and inventive artwork breaks the limitations of pottery and brings this media to the next level. She began to transform traditional pottery, her usual medium, into innovative multimedia art, moving her work from kitchen cupboard shelves to museum walls.