Personal Narrative: Noteworthy

Told in the first-person point of view, this personal narrative captures a young narrative’s internal conflict of finding ways to display kindness in her life. Having learned how magnificent kindness is, eight-year-old May finds herself seeking to help others around her but only comes to notice that she is needless by her family or community.

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Beginning of the End

I had a dream. One that wasn’t pleasant. However, I couldn’t quite put my finger on what it was that happened.


An edgy feeling stirred inside me as I rose from my sleep. It was irritating and made me feel nauseous. I shook my head, forgetting the worries and closed my eyes again. I focused on the sounds outside: honking cars, ringing bikes, and hazy voices of people talking in my mother tongue language, Chinese. These noises filled the busy province, Sichuan.

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