Acrylic Painting Media Testing Blog Post Reflection

What were the steps of this media testing? Explain each step.

To create this oil paint piece, we were asked to print out a photo our face with high contrast under strong lighting. To transform the picture onto canvas, we used matte media to glue the photo onto a cardboard canvas. This acted as a guide. Values and colors were finally added when we applied acrylic painting.

What new things (concepts and/or skills) did you learn about how to properly use acrylic paint and care for the materials?

I worked with acrylic in middle school, so I knew how to apply it and was accustomed to its texture. However, when working with it before, I never noticed how quickly it dried, I only knew from time to time I needed to add paint thinner. By comparing it with the oil paint, I learned that, comparably, it dries in a very short amount of time. It’s also different from oil because water alone can clean the brushes.

What was frustrating about acrylic painting?  How could you deal with this problem if you were to use acrylic paints in the future?

Acrylic paint is pasty, hard to blend, and easily dried. These characteristics can be both positive and negative depending on the art that’s created. If I want to create a smooth canvas, acrylic is difficult, so I would always have a bottle of thinner beside my paint tray. Unlike oil, it’s also challenging to blend colors on the canvas, therefore, I would premix colors before I apply it. Lastly, it dries fast. I deal with this problem by avoiding acrylic if I want to work on a wet canvas. However, if I desire layers, acrylic is definitely on my priority list.

What questions do you have about using acrylic paint? Are there certain techniques you want to learn how to do?  Reference an artist who works in acrylic regarding the technique you want to learn if you can.

I wonder what the thickness of the acrylic paint is that’s used by Francoise Nielly in her pieces. It seems smooth when she smudges a layer on the canvas, but it also creates texture. Does she apply thinner to her paint?