Blogpost #1: Ideas & Inspirations

Hello! I’m back again with my second passion project!!!

This semester, we will make some changes compared to our first project. We are going to keep the same concept, but our goal and some detailed parts will be changed.


What are we differentiating?
– Different video topics/ specifying
– Editing program: Imovie -> premere pro
– Studio and Light settings
– Use cannon 550D camera
– Upload on Instagram THE DAY BEFORE we upload the video. (Upload  short clip)

Things that we might add to our channel:
– Close-up Makeup (Lip/Eye)
– Taobao Haul
– Nail art
– Eating show (Mukbang)
– My life as a fruitarian and what I eat
– ASMR videos

Our ultimate goal?
– Make over 50 subscriber
– View count+subscriber+Ads = Money

How do we divide our work?
– June: editor, and filmer
– Melissa: Manage Youtube and instagram account, make thumbnails, actual person who is in the video and who’s doing all the makeup, eating, making.

Based on feedbacks from last semester:
– Change youtube profile picture(to my face)


Passion project last post!! # 10 & 11

Finally this is our last week!
A week ago, we uploaded street makeup video!

For me, this makeup was especially easy because I differed the way of preparation! Also, listening to peer’s feedbacks, we made the distance between me and tripod closer so that viewers can clearly see what am I doing on my face.

This our “street makeup” video

Although some might think that we are uploading pretty regularly, we’re slightly off because according to our plan made during the start of this project, we planned to film 10 videos. I think we calculated wrong since we haven’t experienced that much. However, the quality of our videos and also skill of June’s have been developing, so I am satisfied.


After two trial, we finally finished uploading our last video; Lavender makeup video!
At first, we tried to film a daily makeup video since we are uploading “concept makeup ” videos. But the lighting was the problem during every single trial.
The sunlight was the solution for this problem. We are probably going to purchase a professional lighting tool/equipment during the progress of preparation (summer vacation), but we are also going to study some lighting and focusing skills in order to prevent color changes during filming.

This is our last video using new camera! (IPHONE X)
The clarity went better!!! Can you guys feel it???
Focusing and fixing went way better compared to our first video, and I am so glad.



  1. What did you learn this semester?

Before we start this project, I though beauty youtubers were just earning money without efforts, but it wasn’t. To be a youtuber with 10million subscribers, they need to prepare all the equipment and learn or hire editors in order to make a nice-quality video. I realized that creating a youtube channel and regularly uploading is more hardworking than I thought. Although we didn’t reach our goal (10 videos; since there were some failures) my skills to prepare and set the lighting improved a lot.

  1. What were your successes this semester?

Creating a channel and at least having 6 videos. Our one of the greatest improvement was that our filming time decreased (including preparation). The first scenario video took more than 3hours, however our last one only took an hour! Also, our decision to use background sheet was successful.

  1. What were your failures or things you’d do differently?

Definitely failing to advertise. I created facebook page and Instagram account but we didn’t use that much, which caused having less subscribers than we thought.

  1. Discuss the successes/weaknesses of both the process and what you have created.

Our weakness is that there are few people to give us feedback since we don’t have that much subscribers. However this process has its own meaning under the name of passion project.


Our plan for presentation:

We appointed on Wednesday 23rd May
By showing our latest video and presenting our progresses, reflection and result in front of guide study members, our 2018 passion project will end.

Passion Project #9 – Posting and Filming


To refresh, we planned to film a new video that contains a different contents.

During the APAC week, June and I dressed up and filmed about our school, ISB.

From the left – me and June / Dome / Badminton match

Actually, this required hard work since we had to wear heels and walk around ISB. Also, our video is unstable since we don’t have the professional filming stuffs. However, it could be my nice trial for the future filming skills. I’ll study about how to film good ‘introducing video’ and ‘VLOGS’ by watching more YOUTUBE videos !



Our 4th video KIRA KIRA is up!
I struggled from making a thumbnail.
I learned a lesson : Simple is the best!
Also, I used photoshop instead of sketchbook and started to regret thinking,,,”Why didn’t I used Photoshop beforehand UGh!”

Simple, BESTT
I mean this attracts more people

And one tip to find our videos or channel:
SEARCH: Scenario makeup
Then our videos will show up! Sorry for the inconvenience.


Passion Project #8 – Project Progress

Hello readers!
We uploaded two more videos!
The first one is Firework makeup and the Second one is Madarin makeup.
If we continue uploading the similar concept of makeup, it might seem boring. So our goal is to repeat ‘Concept’ – ‘Daily’ order.
Since we suffered from the second video, our plan was out of track. So we are burning up! Workin’ hard to be in order.



Unlike concept makeup, we decided to put the name of the makeup products. Like last time, we used quip to organize.


I used a new program to create thumbnail! called “Picsart”


reflecting the feedback from last time, we did our best to put product names in the video.

FINALLY!!!! 3 VIDEOS!!!(But we have a long way to go)

#7 Passion Project – Feedbacks

** So sorry I didn’t hit the publish button and just saved the draft**

Hello! Long time no see! Before the spring break (3/31 ~ 4/8) Me and June got the feedback from some of the teachers and my peers!

Mrs. Roback

She thinks we need English subtitles for the non-Korean and compared to other videos, due to the voice over, the progress seems a bit slower. So, she wanted something without voice over and volume up the  the music. The overall evaluation was pretty good. Our nice part was that we showed the woman’s face and the video clip of me with full makeup, which allows people to know what make up are we doing. Also, she suggested us to put the product name in the video, not in the explanation block.

Mr. Delts

He asked us to put our team logo ‘SCENARIO’ in the video. Also the subtitles for my voiceover. Mr. Delts has a sister that is running a model agency, and she also have a youtube channel. He showed her facebook and youtube as an example, so we can refer it.


My friends in Korea

Since our school is an ‘International School’ everyone uses English. Except for Korean peers, everyone requires subtitle. So, my solution was to ask friends in Korea.
They said that Our video quality is a bit low compared to other youtubers and we need better lightings. However, they said our video is good enough for the first trial!!

Let’s keep it up!
Don’t forget to subscribe and like our video

Channel link:

#4 & #5 Passion Project – Filming the first video and progresses


Hello readers,, long time no see!
I haven’t read the instructions that my teacher uploaded,, yes it’s my fault haha

Get to the point, we finally, finished filming our first and second one, and we’re already editing it! u can watch our first video on Youtube SCENARIO channel on Monday, and don’t forget to like and subscribe guyss ~,~

During the first week of March, me and June made intro video and filmed our intro video, titled after school. We still need to work on editing so it will be uploaded during this weekend or next week.

At first, we tried to film by using our camera, but the lighting wasn’t that good so we tried filming with our phones.


Our first trial went little wacky because the quality wasn’t good (Focus probs).
Also the explanation wasn’t so clear, so we re-filmed it in my house and it was success. But the thing is, we need brighter lighting in order to make it look better.


Then, I drew a human face and film me performing on her face
Before filming, we are going to match a person’s hair with the concept of our makeup.

After filming the makeup video, we started planning and trying our D.I.Y phone case theme. The first trial went seriously wrong although I watched some videos,,,

This color testing was perfect until…..

This happened….

So we changed the way,,,,

It was kinda successful (In my opinion)

Anyway, be prepared to watch our video! See ya!


+By the way
These are our SCENARIO info page:



Passion Project #3 : Plans for semester 2

Passion project plan

Hello readers!

This is my plan for my semester 2 passion project!
After the Chinese break, we’re going to start filming our first video:
It will be uploaded in our Youtube channel
I’ll include the link of our Youtube channel and SNS address on my next blog post

Love you guys! See you soon!

Sincerely, Melissa


Passion Project #2 (late posting due to JPAC / sport events)

Scenario ,

The New name of our team (June and I)’s channel including Youtube, SNS accounts. Since we decided to upload our stories and our interests, scenario would best fit!

Hello again readers! I was busy participating school sport events! Sorry for the late post! Today I’m going to talk about my proposals!

What do you want to do this semester for Passion Project?

As I written in my previous post, I’m going to run the YouTube and SNS accounts with my partner, June. They will be categorized as ‘Self Beauty,’ because June and I are going to upload make-up videos including daily and occasional ones (like Halloween, Christmas and Valentine’s Day). Also, we’re going to make stuffs by using DIY skills especially mobile phone cases.

Furthermore, I’m really interested in Human body structures and by combining with one of my hobby, drawing, I will illustrate different parts in our body.

Why is it important/significant?

Since 5th grade, I’ve had great interests in this make-up field, so I started to collect different kinds of cosmetics. Additionally, I kept watching YouTube videos and blogs to get some knowledge. I tried out lots of products from skincare to make-ups. When I was in 8th grade, I literary first saw the special makeup because I went to the Horror-concept Amusement park during Halloween season. It was my great experience, but I didn’t have any chances to try those and show others. This passion project enables me to express what I’m really passionate. Makeup field really need some supports like places, equipment and at least one partner to work with.

When I was 7, I had to write down my dream during the class. I just wrote down ‘doctor’ but since then, it became my real dream. However, it was not an accident because I enjoyed watching documentaries about surgeries, life and deaths and anatomies. I attended classes about experimenting anatomy and learning biology, which helped me to get into it. But why drawing?
The most thing encouraged me to draw those things was my parents. They both have major in art/design so I really love to paint and illustrate.

What will you learn?

In the video:

The proper way to prep before the makeup and to cleanse after the makeup. Since some people don’t really know how to do, especially young kids, the inappropriate ways can cause skin problem!


We can understand and get used to making the video. The lighting, editing and the way to make good informational video.
Also, since D.I.Y is reusing the materials,  we can learn how to re-use things effectively.


Gaining knowledge of the human body and its function.
As my workmanship increases by using both sketchbook program and coloring, I can draw more good-quality illustrations.

Do you need a specialized space to work?  Will you need materials/software?

Yes, I do need a specialized space to work. Since I need to create some videos, I need some place that has plain backgrounds. Or I might need some sheets to cover the background. Also, I need cameras to take videos, lights to make some effects and video editing software.

For my drawing, I only need my laptop and my hand! Maybe cozy space to work on.


Examples of how my illustration would look like.

Links of concept makeup tutorials:

Inspired by some videos,

Our First video would be named “ISB Make-up”

Which will contain me doing blue-dragon make-up.