Month: December 2018

December 11th : Future Merch ideas

For I while I’ve been wanting to make merch to promote my brand. I recently designed some ideas and asked a bunch of my friends for advice. I want my merch to be simple but retro, and a little vaporwave esthetic as well. My main inspiration for my merch come from rap artists such as Travis Scott, Brockhampton, Kanye West and Tyler, The Creater. These rappers have retro/  vaporwave esthetic to their merch and are very creative with their ideas. During the breaks, I’m going to try and flesh my ideas out a bit more. I already have a few designs that I experimented with.



Travis Scott –




This is what i came up with for the moment but I’m still experimenting


YMX – Glitch (Favourite )

I this piece i created a glitch effect  and it game it a really cool vibe

YMX – plain white tee 

In this design i kept it very basic



YMX – gradient with 

I made the text gradient and added an image in the back i made myself


So far it think the design are ok , but i could still improve certain things. Im not too sure about the last design but i will kept experimenting.

December 6th

This week I uploaded a new Instagram video and I’m very proud of it. Lately ive been trying to find creative ways to introduce my content on Instagram by engaging with my audience more, and making them participate in my content. One day one of my friends sent me a video of him say my tag “ymx you made this sh*t” that’s when I realized that what I was doing had a bigger impact than I realized.  I felt like I was creating a sort of movement around me, I was creating a brand, I was happy to see that it was working. When they say my tag I then respond “yes I did”. The video has really good feedback so far and is doing well. For my next video, I’m planning on making a series where I include little skits in my videos, it will be up this weekend for the first time.  I will have one of my friend( his name is omi). Basically, this is a rough draft of what is going to happen

The video will start with a clip of someone saying my tag

The person saying intro: “ymx you made this sh*t?!”

( now instead of me replying it going to be omi )

Omi: Yes I did!

(then I come in the room )

Mell: Yo, hold what are you doing in my chair?!

Omi: I’m making beat bro

Mell: and no you didn’t make the beat, I did, now GET OUT!!”


The skit should be along the lines of that. ive pitched the idea to some of my friends and they think its a good idea. I’m very excited to make the video.

In the next blog post, I will be talking about what ive accomplished, what I can improve on and my next goal, and what I haven’t been able to accomplish.


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