For I while I’ve been wanting to make merch to promote my brand. I recently designed some ideas and asked a bunch of my friends for advice. I want my merch to be simple but retro, and a little vaporwave esthetic as well. My main inspiration for my merch come from rap artists such as Travis Scott, Brockhampton, Kanye West and Tyler, The Creater. These rappers have retro/  vaporwave esthetic to their merch and are very creative with their ideas. During the breaks, I’m going to try and flesh my ideas out a bit more. I already have a few designs that I experimented with.



Travis Scott –




This is what i came up with for the moment but I’m still experimenting


YMX – Glitch (Favourite )

I this piece i created a glitch effect  and it game it a really cool vibe

YMX – plain white tee 

In this design i kept it very basic



YMX – gradient with 

I made the text gradient and added an image in the back i made myself


So far it think the design are ok , but i could still improve certain things. Im not too sure about the last design but i will kept experimenting.