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December 11th : Future Merch ideas

For I while I’ve been wanting to make merch to promote my brand. I recently designed some ideas and asked a bunch of my friends for advice. I want my merch to be simple but retro, and a little vaporwave esthetic as well. My main inspiration for my merch come from rap artists such as Travis Scott, Brockhampton, Kanye West and Tyler, The Creater. These rappers have retro/  vaporwave esthetic to their merch and are very creative with their ideas. During the breaks, I’m going to try and flesh my ideas out a bit more. I already have a few designs that I experimented with.



Travis Scott –




This is what i came up with for the moment but I’m still experimenting


YMX – Glitch (Favourite )

I this piece i created a glitch effect  and it game it a really cool vibe

YMX – plain white tee 

In this design i kept it very basic



YMX – gradient with 

I made the text gradient and added an image in the back i made myself


So far it think the design are ok , but i could still improve certain things. Im not too sure about the last design but i will kept experimenting.

December 6th

This week I uploaded a new Instagram video and I’m very proud of it. Lately ive been trying to find creative ways to introduce my content on Instagram by engaging with my audience more, and making them participate in my content. One day one of my friends sent me a video of him say my tag “ymx you made this sh*t” that’s when I realized that what I was doing had a bigger impact than I realized.  I felt like I was creating a sort of movement around me, I was creating a brand, I was happy to see that it was working. When they say my tag I then respond “yes I did”. The video has really good feedback so far and is doing well. For my next video, I’m planning on making a series where I include little skits in my videos, it will be up this weekend for the first time.  I will have one of my friend( his name is omi). Basically, this is a rough draft of what is going to happen

The video will start with a clip of someone saying my tag

The person saying intro: “ymx you made this sh*t?!”

( now instead of me replying it going to be omi )

Omi: Yes I did!

(then I come in the room )

Mell: Yo, hold what are you doing in my chair?!

Omi: I’m making beat bro

Mell: and no you didn’t make the beat, I did, now GET OUT!!”


The skit should be along the lines of that. ive pitched the idea to some of my friends and they think its a good idea. I’m very excited to make the video.

In the next blog post, I will be talking about what ive accomplished, what I can improve on and my next goal, and what I haven’t been able to accomplish.


Week 2 of November

I uploaded a new Instagram video on Sunday over I beat I made during the beat. I run into issues with video quality recently. Instagram has been destroying the quality of my videos. I’m going to look into a way to improve the video quality and to make sure this doesn’t happen again. Apart from that nothing much has been happening, I’ve worked on different genres for my beat. I want to get out my comfort zone for a bit and experiment. Lately, I’ve been exploring the cinematic lane of music and trying to get those epic cinematic vibes. i’ve made a beat that will upload soon, but for now, I’m still experimenting.


Instagram video



This week

This week I continued work with my work with an artist that contacted me. I also got out of my comfort zone and made a difference genre this week, I worked on a dance hall track and I sent it over to him. Turns out that he really liked it and I hope we make some good music together. I haven’t been really working on beats that much, I was more focused on the business side of my music. I recently listened to a podcast and one of the major topics on the podcast was the fact that music is 90%bussiness and 10% music. If I want to be successful in going to have to understand the inner workings of the music business. During the weekend I going to post a new Instagram video. I will shoot as many videos as I can so I don’t have to feel pressured anymore.

For upload, I posted a LIL BABY and GUNNA type beat. LIL BABY and GUNNA are an upcoming rapper from Atlanta who has recently caught a lot of attention. The instrumental they use to have a lot of guitars. When I was making the beat I had them in mind I simply make the beat then after I listen to it a couple times I start to image what of artists would fit on those type of beats. In this case, my beat contains a guitar melody and buy beat contains more elements.
Ive also uploaded a new video on Instagram


Youtube Beat Upload

Instagram upload

What I’ve Been Up To

I’ve decided to change my schedule and upload to youtube on Wednesdays and Fridays. the reason behind this is because I finish early on Wednesday, and Friday is usually a day where I’m always fee. Over the past two or three weeks, I was able to stick to my plan because of some school work. This is not necessarily a problem because during that period of time I was able to accumulate a substantial amount of video to facilitate the process of uploading to youtube. With this done I will be able to focus on other projects I have for my music.

I’m also planning on re-opening my website to facilitate selling beats so that when an artist asked for a beat I can simply give them a link.

During the period of time where I wasn’t able to upload to you or do these blog post, I managed to free some time and start making an Instagram video like used to. I recently uploaded one last Saturday. I will do this at least once a week either on Saturdays or Sundays at the very least. If I film more video I will upload them during the week.

I’ve also recently come in contact with a very talented artist and we have plans to work in the future and make more music. he has an EP coming soon and it sends you a couple of beats already. I’ve already received payment for one of the beats ( about 100$)

I’ve actually managed to get a lot done even though I wasn’t able to document it

Blog 1 – Ideas & Inspiration


  • Instagram Posts
  • Youtube Tutorials
  • Youtube Beat Upload 2 a week


  • Kyle Beats  ( Instagram Posts & Tutorials ) 
    • Link:
    • Instagram:

My Instagram posts are inspired by Kyle Beats. Over time I learnt to add my own twist to the videos and develop my own style. I want to be able to grow my audience by utilizing those videos ( The are 20 seconds long). He also films Tutorials.



  • Internet Money (tutorials)
    • Link:

This is a tutorial based channel and they will be my main inspiration for my tutorials on youtube.

After the first week, I will start by uploading my beats twice a week on my youtube channel. The next week while still being consistent at uploading beats I will attempt to film my first youtube video tutorial on how to make beats. I’m also planning on recording short video clips for Instagram

Passionate Project : Journal 2

Today I uploaded a Lil Xan Type Beat.  I made this instrumental last night in preparation for today. This beat took to be roughly 20mins to make. My objective was to make something chill with a slow bpm. I plan on promoting the beat on my Instagram page later tonight.


Who is Lil Xan

Diego Leanos, known professionally as Lil Xan is a Mexican-American rapper from Redlands, California. He is best known for his breakout hit, “Betrayed” which peaked at no. 69 on the Billboard Hot 100. Wikipedia 

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Passionate Project : Journal 1

This is what I uploaded today.  I made this instrumental last week and to be honest it was fairly easy.  I aimed for something more simple and once I was done immediately knew who would fit on this beat. NAV. This beat is a Nav / Metro Booming type beat inspire by their latest album collaboration, “Perfect Timing”. I made the thumbnail in photoshop and I tried to make the artist pop out so it’s very noticeable. I also blurred the background (which is the come of their album) to make the artist pop out. I will later the post the video on my Instagram page.


Who is NAV

Navraj Singh Goraya, better known by his stage name Nav, is a Canadian hip hop recording artist and record producer from Rexdale, Ontario, Canada. He is signed to XO and Republic Records. Wikipedia

Who is Metro Boomin
Leland Tyler Wayne, professionally known as Metro Boomin, is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer, record executive, actor, and DJ from St. Louis, Missouri. Wikipedia



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