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About Us

We, the people of Koalafied believe in the values of Change, Freedom, and Diversity.

Our community will seek to create a somewhat free society where people can be allowed to be themselves and not be held back by their old customs.

We are a half-open trade system; while having a mixed economy to support us. Also, we will most likely base our decisions on countries are willing to pay contrary to their economic beliefs.

Capital: Auscour

Total Population of Koalafied: 23,326

Discovering Shakespeare

Theatre was always a big passion of mine but I didn’t know the skills or what it took to become a true actor. Each time I experienced drama, I’ve wondered how did these actors (or actresses) get to where they are now. I realized, every single actor goes through Shakespeare training. Learning Shakespeare is an art, to give you an understand of where all styles of drama originated. In this Ignite Week, I have learned the basic fundamentals of Shakespeare and his influences on us. As I explored this area, I began to understand the impact that Shakespeare has on theater. I learned how to communicate better with my cohorts, as well as collaborating and working together as one. If I could redo this week, to start new, I would defiantly have strived to be more confident when I act, for it has shown me how to speak up and express yourself.