Robotics Project


I think I did well during this section of our project. I was able to come up with a variety of ideas that would be possible to make. After that I began to experiment with other possible designs. I looked at different perspectives to try to figure out which would be the best to make. I eventually decided on a full 3d model instead of using multiple 2d parts. I think if I had chosen to use 2d parts I would have been able to finish however I would rather try to make a more complex model than stick to 2d.

Scratch Prototype

During this stage I began to visualize the motion my actors needed to make. I went with an upwards curve to a downwards slope following the curves of the wave. I think that the shape of the crashing wave made the model look unrealistic however it also made it look better.


3D Modelling:

I was struggling to make a 3d model of a wave in fusion 360 so I decided to use Blender. This made it a lot easier since I have previous experience with it. The part of the design cycle took a lot longer than I expected. If I were to go through the whole process again I think I could have the wave 3d printed a lot sooner and that would have allowed me to work on designing the linkages earlier.

I did well designing a boat to use in my product. I was able to model it off of an image and create ways that I could make a sail without having to 3d print it. However, I did not take size into consideration since the boat would only be 5cm in length. Therefore, all the detail as well as the poles for the sails would not be able to print.

Assembling the Final Product:

When trying to assemble the product I was able to visualize what I needed to do. However, making the linkages and the track required me to have the wave made which I struggled to make. However, once I did start on them I was able to finish this stage fast. I made a track that matched the shape of my wave and began making linkages that would accomplish my goal.


Overall Reflection:

During this course I fell like I did a good job overall trying to make my complex design. I was able to overcome multiple challenges during this process like modelling the wave and boat. However,  I did struggle with follow my gantt chart and fell behind and eventually could not finish my product. I do feel like I have learned skills like using scratch, fusion and illustrator. I also learned how to use arduinos and servos to attempt to perform different function.