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Burning House Project

Posted by Otto T on 27th August 2017

Name: Otto T Age: 14 Location: Beijing Occupation: Student Favorite comic book (birthday gift from brother) School computer Earbuds Painting that I made in grade 8 Pocket knife (gift from boy scout leader when I was 12 )

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Elements of Art

Posted by Otto T on 24th August 2017

Every piece of art even if you don’t notice it you can see at least one of the seven elements of art. The seven elements of art are line, shape, form, value, color, texture and space. some of these elements are self-explanatory such as line or color but some elements are harder to understand from […]

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Pillars of Creation

Posted by Otto T on 17th August 2017

In 1990 the Hubble space telescope was launched into earth’s orbit however the telescope was not functional until 1993. After delays, maintenance problems, and budget issues NASA’s Hubble space telescope captured a picture of the distant eagle nebula. The picture has been titled the pillars of creation and is only one of many images taken […]

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