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Found poem

Posted by Otto T on 26th September 2017

In the novel the absolutely true diary of a part time Indian, Sherman Alexie creates a complex character and a setting that shapes who the character is- a character who is growing up in an Indian reservation and transfers to a dominantly  white school. Once he’s going to the new school he feels less and […]

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Principles of Design

Posted by Otto T on 13th September 2017

Every time you take a picture it has at least one of the seven elements of art. Most of the time pieces of art have more than one element of art and the elements can be organized using the principals of design. There are seven principals of design balance, contrast, emphasis, movement, pattern, rhythm and […]

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1 Object 30 Times

Posted by Otto T on 11th September 2017

In this project we were tasked with taking multiple pictures all featuring one common subject. With this project we tried to learn how to make one subject interesting across multiple pictures by using a variety of techniques such as reflection and focal point. Using the different compositional guidelines, we can make multiple pictures on one […]

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