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Posted by Otto T on December 5, 2017

A cameras aperture is the hole or opening that allows light to hit the camera sensor. A higher aperture or f-stop means the hole is smaller at lets less light in and a lower f-stop means the hole is bigger and lets more light in. the aperture also controls the cameras depth of field a higher f-stop has a lower depth of field meaning less of the picture is in focus while a lower f-stop has a higher depth of field and more of the picture is in focus. This means that if you change the aperture to a higher f-stop you can take pictures with the foreground blurred and the background clear or the background blurred and the foreground clear. If the aperture is too high or too low the picture can be ruined by being ether over or under exposed. When working in low light it is best to have a low f-stop and a high f-stop in high light. When working with low depth of field check that you are focused in the correct object or objects and don’t end up blurring what you want to focus on