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Posted by Otto T on December 5, 2017

In the mid 19th centaury scientist sir john Herschel invented the cyanotype proses to help permanently fix photographs. The cyanotype proses was unique because it was one of the first non-silver processes. Cyanotype was initially used by students to make cheap photographs from their negatives. Before making the cyanotype solution we opened the picture that we wanted to make the cyanotype of in Photoshop where we converted it to a negative and raised the contrast we then printed the negative on a transparency. To make the cyanotypes we mixed the two chemicals together and then coated the paper in an even layer of the cyanotype solution. After letting the paper dry, we placed the transparency with the negative on the paper coated with the cyanotype and put it out in the sun to expose. We discovered that to get a clear picture the negative had to be flat on the paper coated in the cyanotype solution and we found the best way to do that was to place a glass pane on the negative this would also way down the paper so it didn’t blow away in the wind. After the paper had exposed for at least an hour we rinsed the paper with water to stop it from exposing more and to reveal the blue color. After rinsing the paper we added hydrogen peroxide to darken the blues and finaly rinced the paper one more time.

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