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Field Trip

Posted by Otto T on December 11, 2017

For one of our assignment we went to the Beijing hutongs to take pictures of the locals and their villages. On this trip we walked around old Chinese villages to take picture both of the people who lived there and of the villages themselves. On the trip we used the skills that we had already learned along with new techniques that we learned specifically for street photography. One of these new techniques that we learned was helpful in taking pictures of people when you want the subject or subjects to look natural, this natural look can be achieved by taking pictures whale holding the camera nearer to your chest instead of in front of your face. This technique can also help to get pictures from a lower perspective looking up at the subject or subjects instead of looking directly at the subject or subjects. We also used some of the techniques and skills that we had learned and used for earlier projects. One of these older techniques that was very useful was panning, the village streets had many people on bikes and scooters that where great subjects for panning shots and freezing action shots. When walking into a new area with different lighting adjust your settings before entering and be sure your settings will work in the new lighting. if your walking and you find an interesting background the best thing to do is to stop and wait there until someone walks past the background but if your settings are wrong you will probably miss the shot and need to wait even longer to get a good shot. When taking pictures of people make sure the person or people you are taking a picture of agree to letting you take their picture.

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