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Elements of Art

Posted by Otto T on August 24, 2017

Every piece of art even if you don’t notice it you can see at least one of the seven elements of art. The seven elements of art are line, shape, form, value, color, texture and space. some of these elements are self-explanatory such as line or color but some elements are harder to understand from the name alone. The first element of art is line; line can be found in any piece of art that has any kind of line in it. Lines can be straight, curved, zig zag, long or short. The second element of art is shape; shapes are found in almost every piece of art and can be geometric or organic. Geometric shapes are shapes with defined and usually straight edges while organic shapes have less defined and usually curved sides. The next element is form; form is any three dentinal shape. Fourth is value; value also called value is the amount of light or dark in a picture. the fifth element of art is color the color of an object can be changed in three main ways you can change the shade, the tone and the tint. The shade of a color is changed by adding black to the color, the tone of a color is changed by adding grey to a color, and the tint of a color is changed by adding white to the color. The sixth element is texture a picture has a texture when the surface detail of a picture makes it look like the picture is three dimensional.   The last element of art is space. There are two main types of space in art positive/negative space and linear perspective. Positive/negative space is created when one object stands out usually in front of a blank or very basic background. Linear perspective is when a picture gives a sense of depth. When looking at art in critical ways knowing the elements of art can help to interpret what the artist was trying to show. In the photo below the creek creates one large curved line leading away from the bottom of the picture. This photo primarily shows line but also shows the organic shape of the creek and the contrasting shapes and colors of the creek and the surrounding ground


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Pillars of Creation

Posted by Otto T on August 17, 2017

In 1990 the Hubble space telescope was launched into earth’s orbit however the telescope was not functional until 1993. After delays, maintenance problems, and budget issues NASA’s Hubble space telescope captured a picture of the distant eagle nebula. The picture has been titled the pillars of creation and is only one of many images taken by the Hubble. 6,500 lightyears away with etch pillar being about 30 trillion miles or 5 lightyears long the pillars are a humbling symbol of the Earths smallness in the larger universe. The pillars also show beauty that can never be found anywhere other than space. Apart from the shape of the pillars they get their color from because of the many different gasses forming the pillars and from the light of nearby stars. In late 2014 NASA took 2 more higher resolution photos of the pillars including one infrared image with a camera installed on the telescope in 2009 these images where unveiled in 2015 in celebration of the the 25th anniversary since the Hubble was launched.

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Posted by Otto T on June 8, 2017

Our team worked together to create our travel magazine. We each one of us contributed a travel writing piece, an infographic, a map, and an advertisement. Gina put together and edited our magazine to make it as good as possible and we all worked hard to make the magazine amazing.

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Posted by Otto T on March 8, 2017

in the video we talked about turning points. our turning points were the French indian war, the tea act, the Boston tea party and Boston massacre, and the siege of Yorktown with some smaller points in-between these bigger ones.

we worked together to write the script on the epad etch of us writing on deferent turning points. after writing and editing we recorded the audio and video. last we edited the video and posted it on dragons tube.

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Russian Revolution Journal 3

Posted by Otto T on February 6, 2017



We just got confirmation that our great leader, Vladimir Lenin, has unexpectedly died of a stroke. Without Lenin to lead we need a new leader before our enemies’ attack. I have no opinion on who becomes leader as long as they lead with the same values as Lenin. After the November revolution Lenin took control of Russia and gave the peasants the land they deserved. He also fixed working conditions for the workers and made worked to make peace with enemies of Russia. when the enemies of the Bolsheviks attacked Linen worked to protect his people by protecting his power and after the war he planned ahead by taking one step back so he could take two steps forward in the future.

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Russian Revolution Journal 2

Posted by Otto T on February 6, 2017



This morning I left the army in hopes of finding my way back to Russia. The trenches have become the graves of all my old friends. I left early this morning with very little to find my way back to my old village from before I joined the army. I know that I may not live to see home again but even death is better than being trapped in the trenches waiting to be killed. The tsar has gone mad and has been corrupted by Rasputin, the only choice I have is to find my way back to Russia or to die in that terrible war. There are rumors that after the tsar left Russia to fight in the war an unofficial government formed to protect the interests of workers and solders. This new government, the soviets, is working to take control of Russia and if I can make my way to Russia maybe I can join these soviets to protect the other workers and solders.  I have been walking all day hoping no one finds me and I can still hear the occasional gun fire when someone runs out into no man’s land with the delusion that even if they die their soul will be saved by whatever deity or god they believe to be looking out for them when in reality they are sacrificing their life for a dispute that is not their own.

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Russian Revolution Journal 1

Posted by Otto T on February 6, 2017


I am Vladimir, a sailor on the Potemkin, yesterday morning the other sailors and I committed mutiny by throwing the general overboard. We started the day like any other we woke up early and started working. Soon after we heard of the slaughter at the tsar’s winter palace when the general heard us talking about how unbelievable it was that so many innocents had been killed all he had to say was “they got what the deserved for doubting the tsar!” we were outraged that he would be so uncaring about all the innocents that had lost their lives the the protest. One of the sailors yelled out “throw him overboard!” the other sailors all agreed almost instantly. I watched as the lifted the general as he screamed shouts of “mutiny” and “you will all pay for this” I was unsure of whether or not I should join in and help the other sailors thinking that this act of violence would not right the killing of all the innocents. Then I realized that the other sailors might notice I was not helping them and assume that I was agreeing with the general and throw me over too. After that realization I quickly ran to join the other sailors in lifting and throwing the general overboard to his death committing mutiny on the Potemkin. For the rest of that day we all just sat around thinking about everything we had done and what we had done and what we what we would do without a general. Today we appointed a new leader who decided we should find our way back to Russia. Some of us have said that when we get back they will try to live quietly as a worker or try being a farmer. But most of us including me have stated that we will join the soviets to try and fix the Russian empire. But no matter what we want to do when we return to Russia we need to work together to find our way back home and the only thing that is for sure now is that no matter what I will die with the blood of the general on my hands.

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The Nazi Hunters

Posted by Otto T on December 9, 2016

How would you feel if someone decided to kill five million of your people? The Nazi Hunters by Neel Bascomb is a book about a group of Israeli intelligence agents most of which holocaust survivors tasked with hunting down and capturing the former Nazi who ran all the extermination camps. The Israeli agents want justice for all the Jews that had been killed by their target, Adolf Eichmann. The Jews deserve justice for what happened during world war two but the agents are able to control themselves stating that they all wanted to kill Eichmann for what he did but displayed self-control by doing everything they could to took him back to Israel for a public trial choosing justice for all over personal revenge.


One theme of The themes of the Nazi Hunters is justice. All the Jews in the book want to revenge on Eichmann and the Nazis for the crimes committed during world war two and are justified in thinking that but they do everything they can to keep him alive to be taken to court for trial. this shows that justice for all is more important than an individual’s personal revenge.


The Nazi hunters is a book about a group of Israeli spies who capture the notaries Nazi Adolf Eichmann and do all they can to bring him to justice.

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Captain Beatty Letter

Posted by Otto T on November 22, 2016

To Fire Captain Beatty


After hearing your thoughts on education and books I decided to wright this letter to you explaining that books are not the cause of problems and that burning them is not the way to make people happy. Books contain knowledge and even if that knowledge is wrong we can learn from the mistakes of the author. Story books can also bring joy even thou they have no facts and the characters are made up the can still be fun.

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Polymer journal 1

Posted by Otto T on November 21, 2016

Synthetic materials are man-made materials made from natural recourses. An example of a synthetic material made from natural materials is oobleck made with water and corn starch which are both natural materials. Oobleck is also a polymer, a large molecule made from multiple monomers strung together. Synthetic materials are often made from a polymer base to add different qualities to the material. When two or more natural resources are chemically bonded unnaturally they become synthetic materials. another synthetic material is synthetic rope, synthetic rope can be used all the same ways as normal rope but can be stronger because it is made withe stronger materials.


images found on google

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