It is not good

It is not good

Owen Cho 3D printing: One Day 2017

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I worked on making 3D printing figures for ONEday. I decided to do this project because, I always had passion about making my own product. I worked with my partner Wumian to use our time as efficient as possible. Since there were only 2 3D printer in FA, we had to wait a lot of time to print a single product. So, for my personal product, I produced a game character figuring. It took about 2 hours to design and 30 minutes to print.


I believe I was very successful in collaboration. I did not have any problem with my partner. We respected each other, so we could use our time as efficient as possible. Also, one thing I am proud of is time management. Although we had a long waiting time we still managed our time well and design final product. However, not everything was easy. I had very challenging time designing my product. Every time I design it, supervisors said it needs more improvement. So it took more time than I thought to finish the design. If I have a chance to do another ONEday project. I would not do the same thing. Because I want to spent more time running and moving next time.

Day 2&3

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On the Day 2, I worked on ideas to hack FA. I had difficult time finding ideas. First, I tried to make a map of FA. However, I then decided make a scarecrow to help grade 7 project.screen-shot-2016-10-11-at-2-43-53-pm

On the Day 3, I started to make and tested the parts of scarecrow. I tried to print in card board first. Then I will be using the wood.


Ignite week day 1 hack FA

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Hack FA

Today i learned how to use adobe illustrator. I watch youtube tutorials to learn how to use the program. I really enjoy using the program. Next day I want to design higher quality designs.

Featured Article

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As we entered the sight, the only thing that existed was disgusting trash and a polluted and dark looking river. As I picked up a trash that smelled like a dead fish, it struck me with an idea, or reminded me that I am in the Wenyu river. I took some pictures of trash here and there, gripping my phone tightly as I was extremely cautious that my phone might fall in to the river. I regretted not bringing my long boots that will help me to step on the steep sandy hills.


One student claimed that river was unacceptably in horrible quality .Another student wondered if the apartment near the river was polluting the river. Students were mostly seemed disgusting and concerned by the quality of the river. Few students were making a discussion about the black dots flowing on the river. Others were able to find out about the river covered with Algae. One student stated ” Why there are too many red bull cans around the river”


The reason why the students were at the Wenyu river was because of project ‘We Are One.’ The project was held in Futures Academy and visiting Wenyu river was our launching event. When the students visited Wenyu river, everyone seemed very nervous because of the quality of river. I even started to feel sick because of the river. It was extremely difficult work to gather water from the river. It wasn’t just an ordinary river; it was a river abandoned by people.


In modern days, the industries and technology in China is growing rapidly. ‘Manufacturing’ and ‘agriculture’ are the words that can used to describe China. No countries in the world have more companies or farms than China. That might be positive for the China economy, but it is harmful for the nature. People started to cut down trees and run down waste from companies in the river. The Wenyu river is experiencing runoff from farms and golf courses located next to the river. A lot of farms throw away or run off their wastes and other pesticides.


China produces about 300 million tons of trash every year according to the China environment government. Also run off from factories and farms are now treated more seriously then before. This is not only problem for China, countries such as United States and South Korea are suffering from dirty rivers and lakes. Already few countries such as India and United States.


These water wastes are not only harmful for nature. It will even harm people afterwards. Some people started to notice the seriousness of the situation. However, the number of people who still thinks there will be no harm for them; weighs over people who believe the nature is precious. The world needs to know that our home planet Earth is covered with about 70% of water and actual water suitable for human is only 3% and most of the 3% of water comes from pure lake or river, but if we keep destroying the nature like this, human creature will not be able to receive any gift from the nature.


Water pollution is mostly caused by run off from industrial factories, agricultural farms and other house wastes. The wastes produced by factories, farms and houses will be very likely to be dumped in the river, because burning wastes or burring them are much expensive then throwing random rubbish. Golf clubs and factories near Wenyu river seems to have industrial and agricultural run offs. Factories produces water wastes when cooling down the machine when the machine heats off. Golf courses and Farms uses fertilizers to grow their grass or crops.


The biggest problem about water pollution is reduce of water and environment effects. Polluted river can carry disease around. If the animals near the river drinks the river; they will be infected and if people eat the infected animals, they will be sick.  Also, polluted water kills the environment near it. As the plants and other living creatures absorb polluted water from the river, they will not have enough minerals or other essential vitamins.

Finally, if water reduces, people will have less water to drink compared to now days. As I said, we do not have enough water to drink. However, if People do not take this serious and make no changes, depleting of water is just a matter of time.



Minister of environment society states that people will be able to see clear changes in water quality at least two years later. He also claims that water quality is extremely difficult to measure or purify than other types of pollution.


Futures Academy students will be taking an action about the problem very soon.  The action project will be based on the problems with the river and how to help saving water.


“Make water the soul, make green the body, and make people the orientation” — Vision for the Wenyu river Ecological Corridor Project.


IMG_20160413_101323 IMG_20160413_101314 (1)IMG_20160413_101328

Craft and structure

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Discernment: ability to judge well 

Petulant: childishly sulky or bad-tempered

Innumerable: too many to be counted

balderdash: Having no sense about what they are saying in the situation

idolater: person who worships idol

castaway: person who has been shipwrecked and lost

apathy: lack of interest

boredom: state of feeling bored


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Patel (Pi), he is named for very famous swimming pool in paris. He is a brave and a smart man. Although he is very unlucky. He decides to solve the problems very wisely. You can know this from his action when he found the tiger (Richard parker) Also I was surprised by his naming sense. I do not really like the Character. He is a lot pessimistic. Pi is one who narrates the whole story. He gives reader a description by telling us a story like a diary.

Richard Parker is another character who takes very important role in the novel. He is a bengal tiger who escaped from the ship where Pi and other animals and people were on. After he escapes the ship, he stays with Pi. I like Richard Parker the most in the story. He can’t talk. But Author describes his actions like he is really a human creature. 


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Setting of the story starts by introducing Piscine Patel indirectly. He lives in Canada, but he feels lifeless in Canada. As a result, he decided to move to India where his father owns a zoo in Pondicherry which is a village near the sea. One day Patel (Pi) helps his family to transport some animals. However, unfortunately Pi meets a storm, but he was able to escapes from the boat. The author wrote him as a brave and challenging man. However, the thing he only has is zebra, orangutang and a hyena. He was very hopeless until he noticed that there was a tiger hiding in the boat. 

I liked how the author moved the scene very quickly by characters movement. There were not many movement when Pi was floating on the boat. Still, there were some challenging moment for Pi to endure. I wish next setting would not only be in the Pacific sea. th-1th

short story

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At the start of the story, the author describes about how he feels about cleaning his room, He is not feeling confident with cleaning his room. He believe it is disrespectful.

On weekend, he was hanging out with his friend and they were planning to sneak into the cheesecake factory. They had fake ID and they were trying to have a drink.

They had some drinks but they felt dizzy and they decided to go back home. But they were trying to drive drunken. So, they were in big trouble.

He is starting to regret why he came to hang with his friend. He now wants to stay home watching spongebob with his brother.

He luckily made it home. However, they did not get into any trouble. He just want to follow his parent’s direction. 

Passion project

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Today I was learning a code using a code academy. While learning code, I found out something interesting, and it was to make a pop up page using a alert and prompt code.

I have descriptions in the video and I made the video using javascript

Owen mission

Math: birth date of grade 7 students

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Recently, in lessons we were learning how to spread data in many different way.

First, we learned to spread data using a graph


There are 155 children according to the chart, so I think the chart should be more concise.

So, I will separate them by age in month month

Then the lowest month age is 140 and the highest month age is 162

So, in my Histogram I want to start with 140 and end with 160


So, their are

140:   32

145:   61

150:   44

155:   15

160:   1


Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 7.29.45 PM

the histogram of 7th graders’ age month



2. whisker and plot


Second thing that I learnt in the lesson was whisker and plot chart.

It has minimum, maximum, medium, upper quartile and the lower quartile


minimum is the smallest number in a data

maximum is the biggest

medium is just at the middle

upper quartile is about 75% of the number

lower quartile is about 25% of the number

so,, in the data

maximum is 162

minimum is 140

medium is 148

upper quartile is 152

lower quartile is 145

I was born in 2002/11/7

and My age by the month is 13*12+1=157

and it tells me that I am quite old comparing to other 7th grade students.

and if I make it into whisker and plot chart, it looks like this.

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 8.06.45 PM