The Apothecary’s Dilemma

The moon hangs low in the silence of night. It shines bright within the dark expanse, a stark contrast to the streets it sets alight. Derelict, unattended by the rich – rats lay siege of the street’s resident stalls. Here scattered trails of festering viands – such was the humble abode of the poor. A state of disquiet permeates the air. Here… Read more →

Passion Project – Week 13

Things did not go according to plan this week. I recently came across a wonderful concept called crystal field theory. So I thought to illustrate it, even though I originally had enthalpy and other thermodynamic topics planned for this week. I had the prerequisite research done prior to the start of this week for both the originally planned topics and… Read more →

Passion Project – Week 12

This week I did manage to get a bot more done than previously. I managed to digitalize the 3 comics I sketched out before. Again, I kept running into technical issues during the digitalization process, which frustrated me greatly. Regarding presentation, I plan on presenting my comics to the science department to see if maybe they can use it in… Read more →

Passion Project – Week 11

I admit, the goal was a bit too high. Ultimately it was a short week, so I barely got anything done during the single class. So the weekdays were rather unproductive. I also realize that my previous claim, about not needing pencil sketches, was completely false. Basically, when I had tried to start off with digitalizing, I found out that… Read more →

Passion Project – Week 9

This week I experienced a setback. I had started out drafting my ligands comic, but I realized my knowledge on the subject was a bit lacking. Hence, I spent a lot of the first class researching it, and it was then that I realized it, as well as coordination complexes and crystal field theory, were not subjects I wanted to… Read more →

Passion Project – Week 8

This week, I hit a bit of a bump. Initially, I had planned to completely finish the hybridization comic, however, that didn’t occur. Firstly, I realized that my hybridization draft was easy to create confusion. I directly mentioned excited states without explanation, right after stating the Aufbau’s law. To provide some background, the Aufbau’s law states that electrons almost always… Read more →

Passion Project – Week 7

This week, I worked on hybridization and acids and bases. Originally, in my plan, only the hybridization comic was supposed to be drafted, however, because I finished the electron diagram early, I decided to do another comic. Nevertheless, after conversing with Ms. Lucas, I received the advice that the acids and bases part of the comic should come after hybridization,… Read more →

Passion Project – Week 6

This week I managed to complete a variety of things and even undergo a slight amount of improvement. Personally, I think that my comics have gotten a bit cleaner than my previous attempts, mainly because I got more used to drawing in photoshop. My main concern is how messy the backgrounds of my previous panels were, so I intend on… Read more →

Passion Project – Week 5

So this week I managed to completely digitalize the orbital comic. As a test of comprehension, I went out to survey a couple people – to see if they could understand what I was trying to explain, so I went out and asked a couple people to read the comic, rate it, and give some advice. Using that advice, I… Read more →