June 8, 2017

This unit has helped me a lot, especially on academics and designing skills.

I am proud of being able to write a whole story for a magazine and make one. I never made a magazine before and this project actually made me proud. We could have taken more photos to add into the magazine, maybe including more adds or more simple but detailed text. I have learnt more about group work and how difficult it actually is, but I also learnt in academics, learning how to write for a magazine and designing a magazine.

In conclusion, this is a great unit. I hope it continues forever, and this will help us a lot in making a magazine when we get older.

Fighting Against Fate

May 2, 2017

Book 1# Forget Tomorrow by Pintip Russell

Theme and how it affected the character. 

The only way the protagonist, Callie, survived through her future memory was love. Callie loved her sister the most, Jessa Stone, but, after receiving her future memory, she had to protect her sister from the biggest threat of all. Callie herself. A boy called Logan Russell who was Callie’s childhood crush, helped Callie escape from FuMA, which was the people who researched and found the future memory of people and they captured children with psychic abilities to investigate. Callie had the love for her sister and she would do anything to save her from FuMA without killing her, on the other hand, Logan became Callie’s crush and they help each other to save Jessa out of their hands.

With Callie’s sister’s love, Callie would do anything to save her sister. The theme, love changed her character rapidly and in the end, she decided to save her sister in a depressing way.  “‘I’m not that strong,” I whisper. “I can’t even defy my teachers at school. How am I supposed to go up against Fate”‘ (Dunn 39)? In this quote, [Spoil alert] Callie told Logan while they were escaping from FuMA that she wasn’t strong enough to go against something that has a ninety percent chance of happening. Although Callie really wanted to save her sister from anything, she did no think that she would be able t0. ‘And then I whip my arm through the air, plunging the clear needle straight into my own heart. The liquid empties into my body’ (Dunn 333). We can see that there was a character change in Callie. In the first quote, Callie was very reluctant to take the risk. But in the end of the book, Callie changed fate and saved her sister from danger, but ended up killing herslef to do it.

To save her sister, she could not do it alone. With Logan’s help, Callie was able to escape from FuMA safely, but they ended up falling in love with each other. ‘We haven’t been friends for half a decade. I’m not going to worry about him just because he’s deemed worthy of his attention again'(Dunn 9). In this quote, we can infer that Callie was not that comfortable to talk with Logan after Logan ignored her for half a decade. But in this quote, ‘But it’s not enough. Because I care about this boy when he’s at his best and when he’s at his worst. If he’s hurting, I want to know why'(Dunn 240). Callie has changed her mind about Logan in only a few weeks. Instead of Callie hating Logan, she fell in love with him. In the quote, we can infer about the italicized word that Callie really does not have enough, that she really wanted to care about him when he’s at his best and worst, and that she really wanted to know why Logan feels hurt at times. “You really think I’m going to leave you here, with a sprained ankle, knowing ComA’s patrolling the city”(Dunn 271)? In this quote, we can infer that Logan loves Callie so much that he [spoil alert] breaks his brother rules about going separately for her. Which in the end, Logan decided to go with Callie to save Jessa.

In the end, Callie had more love for her sister than anybody else, even his crush Logan. Depressingly, Callie killed herself in the end for the sake of her sister, leaving her mother and Logan heart broken.

TFR cc

March 31, 2017

I had compared and contrasted pages between 100 and 200 for the book The Red Necklace by Sally Gardner, with pages 4 to 20 for the Heinemann History including page 22 for The French Revolution by Martin Dickson. I contrasted the tone, Sentence length, and type, word choice, and purpose for these two different novels. With two examples from the book to support my points. I compared the similarities between the two novels about the French Revolution History events that happened in the novels. I was not able to put figurative laguage because the French Revolution by Heinemann History did not have any figurative language.

It was a tiring, sultry summer, the summer when we left the estates and I didn’t know what was happening in France. I was David Durand, a peasant working for the king, first estate and second estate and all I cared about was money. When we left the estates, I didn’t understand what we were trying to do after we left the estates, but I still acted like I knew what was going on. I was 30 years old, and I had a father and mother living somewhere else in France. Every day, I had to work for the whole day for money and resources, but my money would disappear quite quickly, because I had to pay to the king, first and second estates.

Although there was a French Revolution, there still would be a lot of changes and similarities from the past. Some examples for the continuities are: France never became a democratic nation, women still didn’t have any rights, and a leader was not allowed to be removed from power.


Some of the changes include: France became a constitutionalized monarchy, the high ranked people lost their special privileges, and everybody were allowed to go to school now. These were large changes and most of them were a very big change. Something that King Louis wanted but Napoleon disagreeing.

This is a video of me and Daniel’s (Zhang) common craft about the  French Revolution. We shortened it a lot and summarized most of the important events that happened during the French Revolution.

For my one day blog, I have composed a piece of jazz and classical music.

The book Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon is about Madeline, who has a disease or allergy, falling in love with Olly. Before Madeline met Olly, [Spoil alert] she is very lonely, has to stay at home all day talking and playing with her mother. When Olly appears right in front of her eyes, her life changes right away, but she has to overcome a problem, whether to continue to live a happy but boring life with her mother or live a new adventurous life with Olly.

Madeline had lived with her mother longer than Olly, but it seems as if Olly is trying to steal Madeline away from her mother. Consequently, Madeline has to face a problem, whether to go out of the house and play with Olly or stay home with her mother and play together. ‘My mom grabs my arm and tries to pull me away. I’m vaguely aware that she’s hysterical. She’s stronger than I would’ve thought, but my need to see Olly is stronger’ (Yoon 136). This quote tells us that Madeline has a stronger need for Olly than her mother. Madeline might have also chosen her path to go for her problem. I have been in this kinds of situations before. When I was young, I always had to face a problem, whether it was PE, or in class, when we had to choose my own group. I chose a group which has more of my best friends in there. “‘No more IM. No more e-mail. It’s too hard. I can’t go back. My mom was right. Life was better before.” “Better for who? Don’t do this Maddy. My life is better with you in it.” “But mine isn’t” (Yoon 245). After something happened between Madeline and Olly, their relationship ends, because Madeline did not find it fun anymore. She thinks that having a relationship that you can’t touch or go close to others has no meaning. Subsequently, she ends her relationship with Olly. In the situation I had, I had regretted my group I choose because all the work ended up coming to me. I was the smartest in that group so everybody relied on me, which also made me do nothing.

In the end, Madeline and Olly’s relationship came together again. ‘Her voice was thick with confusion and, also, fear. And that’s when I know for sure. I am not sick and I have never been sick’ (Yoon 275). After Madeline founds out that she is never sick, she immediately found her way out of the problem. She started to hate her mother for keeping her in for 17 years, and she is also regretting what she has done to Olly, as a consequence, after Madeline went to the doctor to see what kind of disease she had, she flew to Los Angela to meet Olly. The way Madeline overcome the problem is also similar to how I overcome my problem. I asked each member in our group why they did not help with our project and found out they had problems with our work, and that’s how I solved the problem. As Madeline faced each problem, her attitude changes too. When Madeline has a relationship with Olly, she spent less time with her mother, and more time with Olly and IM. Madeline has never lied to her mother before, but now, she lies to her mother quite a lot. After Madeline started her second relationship with Olly, she started to make decisions for her life. She is going to fly to Los Angles to meet Olly and start her second relationship from there and she would not go back to her home until she forgives her mother.

(I choose Connect to the Conflict and Show how an incident in a story causes the protagonist to make a decision) 


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“Everything, Everything.” Nicola Yoon. N.p., n.d. Web. 22 Jan. 2017.



This is what I think I am during semester 1, and the targets I am going to try and do.

What is Relativity?

December 8, 2016


What is Relativity? What is it? Well… the book What is Relativity? will tell us all about it, but not only explaining what relativity is, it also talks about Einstein’s amazing theories. This book talks about a variety of things, such as black holes, what black holes do, how they are made, the speed of light, E=mc^2, movement… but I think that the central idea is the speed of light, movement, and E=mc^2.

Movement and the speed of light are the most common words or phrases that appear in the book. An example of movement is, “Imagine a supersonic airplane flying westward from Nairobi to Quito at a speed of 1,670km/h.”… “Viewed from the moon, the airplane appears stationary while Earth rotates beneath it”(Bennett 31). This sounds confusing, but it is actually true. With these 2 quotes, we can already identify that Earth is moving at the same speed as the airplane is, so when it is viewed from the moon, it looks as if the airplane was not moving at all and the Earth is rotating it to the area it is going to. The speed of light is also commonly mentioned, “It’s also the theory that tells us that nothing can travel faster than light, and from which Einstein discovered his famous equation E=mc^2″(Bennett 27). This means that Einstein used the speed of light to make this equation. You might be thinking, why does it have to be E=mc^2, well… there is a very important reason for that. E=mc^2 is ‘Energy is equal to Mass times the speed of light squared,’ but you may ask why is it energy when we’re saying that this is supposed to be an equation for the speed of light. Einstein only made this equation, so it’s easier to calculate the energy of something in space, that is traveling at the speed of light or light years away from us.

This is the main part of relativity, it has harder things that are harder to understand, but these are the most important ones before we get to learn the others.

“New to Canva? Sign Up!” Amazingly Simple Graphic Design Software – Canva. N.p., n.d. Web. 09 Dec. 2016.

Final Journal (#4)

November 14, 2016


This is an explanation of me and Hyukjin’s polymer work we’ve done together. All the successful experiments we’ve made and used for our Phone case (SP. Case).