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Author Archives: ryan.chen

Literary element – Kite on the football pitch

  Rationale The element I chose to study about was symbolism, most of the symbols in the play address the theme of, maturity or inequality. The product I chose to create is a four-panel comic where it tells a story of two different colored people playing a football match, then a kite off string flown … Continue reading »

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Short story

In English class, we were asked to create our own story based on the characters of Romeo and Juliet. I chose to create a big image on the family background of the nurse. From mother to nurse Angelica started her “new life” as a cleaner. But it was too tough for a mother who just … Continue reading »

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5 things which interests me so far in “Five Days Left”

There are two separated stories which both ties to the title five days left. The two stories express different emotions and they add up to each other. In Scott’s story, the description of psychological activities of a father reminds me of mine. The start of the whole book was in mixed up chronological order, which … Continue reading »

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Animal farm connections

Have you ever thought of yourself, being equal to a pig, a dog, a horse or any kind of animal? The book Animal farm is focusing on the idea of communism; the whole story was an extended metaphor. Animal farm is a big community which includes different kinds of animals, they desire different types of … Continue reading »

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Rick and Morty plot analysis

This is the first time for me watching this “TV” show so my approach may be different from the others who are already familiar with it. It was season one episode one. At the start, the audience is introduced to the two main characters, called Rick, and Morty, obviously. Rick is a crazy grandfather who … Continue reading »

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Lawrence Exeter – Interaction of Two Generations

This is a story written with cheque, every one could have their own interpretation of what happened and they will be different.   This story, by Wuther Crue, was written only by cheque. This story I made is about the life of a family, both the kid and father are name Lawrence Exeter. The child … Continue reading »

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Midnight creep – Waiting anxiety

I chose this section of the writing because it only describes the mind of the madman, but not the victim, old man. So I can create the thoughts of the old man and why did the author make him do the movement. I can imagine how the old man’s psychological movement and also create a … Continue reading »

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I’m a fighter, a found poem about Junior

                      Would you still go, without hesitation, to a fight that is meant for you to loose? In the novel The Absolutely true diary of a Part-time Indian, Sherman Alexie creates a complex character, creates a setting that shapes who the protagonist is – a … Continue reading »

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Amanda Aldan, Playlist project

This is a video including the narration of the story of Amanda Aldan, including a background music. The story may be modified to fit the school’s rule. The video is created by David W, Ryan C, and Jeremy Y. We chose to make this project because the three of us liked music, so we wanted … Continue reading »

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I don’t know Font design

From all 9 projects, I chose this because I really thinks my handwriting needs improvement. But when I actually began this project, it was actually quite different from what i imagined. Though, my interest in computer program made me try the first font by computer and it turned out to be quite well designed. With … Continue reading »

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