Impressive Improvement

Impression Improvement

STEP 1: Choose one area of your playing you wish to focus on and work hard on this quarter. Examples could be lip slurs, finger dexterity, slurring, tone quality, sight reading, range extension. Do this straight away.

STEP 2: Gather materials to achieve this goal. Make an initial recording of your materials. Use a good microphone.  Do this by November 1st. Submit scanned copies of your materials.

STEP 3: Design and hold to a practice routine. This will also be submitted. Keep a calendar of your practice time specifically dedicated to this goal.

  • Since I don’t participate in any sports for season 2, I will practice 30 minutes of the materials per day except for Wednesday because I won’t be able to play my flute at night after class. However, I will add extra 30minutes of practice at weekends.

3 Weeks of Concert Band

Although I was not aware of the time, I admit that the first three weeks of school went pretty fast. So far, school seemed to be great to me, with my peers, teachers and with the wonderful facility that ISB provides.

However, in this blog post, I want to delve deeper into HS Concert Band because the band is the only elective course that I been taking for 2 consecutive years.

Concert band is an entertaining course where it gives the opportunity to explore the basis of the band and the importance of teamwork. As I entered the band room, I realized the alternation in the arrangement of the equipment in the band, which carried the freshness from the impression I had in freshman year (my impression of the band in freshman year was sort of “fresh” since it was my first year in ISB to take band). However, on the other hand, band came to me as a trauma as Mr. Long continued to introduce some additional criteria for the band standard.

One famous aphorism, “Failure is a success in progress,” applies to many aspects of our lives. As a student who has prior experience with failures in band class, I have listed sets of goals and behaviors for the band.

  • pencils in the folder
  • printing music ASAP
  • download tuning application
  • shift my position to watch the conductor in the right direction
  • practicing consistently, at least 25 min/day

and the list continues.

I hope the band would be amazing this year, and I’m forward to see more challenges as the year continues.


English 9: My Imaginary Place

The Vital Rain

As the large cotton like clouds were reaching to its destination, the darkness started to subside the dry light above the sky and conquered the arid lawn, where green weeds and colorful flowers stood hopelessly waiting for the sky to cry. A boy was settling on to the soft but coarse brown brownie like ground, reading his own book. The gentle whistle of a man, the roaring sound of car’s engine was disturbing the boy, but none of the sounds were strong enough to subside the strong swish of invisible wind from the dark cloud that had also shifted the page the boy was reading. The tiredness had abruptly reached to the boy. The boy was dying out of the bored since the book included some tedious stories, so he raised his head and was monitoring the world outside his house. On the dark asphalt across, vehicles were gliding on it as the falling yellow leaves were knocking against the cars. About just 3 meters away, ants were marching forward with the food scraps they gathered, preparing for the winter. Suddenly, a small drops of rain soaked the book. Few seconds later, some more drops of rain wetted his book. As he lifted his head toward the dark sky, heavy drops of rain started to splatter down to his face and to the arid lawn, where hopeless weeds and flowers were bowing to the ground saying, “hello”. The splash of cold heavy rain drops made people on the street cold, wet and thoroughly miserable, but not to the boy. While everyone on the street were unfurling their large or small, black or yellow umbrellas, the boy was enjoying the gentle touch of this cold rain drop as if it was his mother was petting him. It was also granting the freedom to the boy from reading his boring stories. Not only the rain was making the boy energetic, but it was also bringing vitality to the weeds and flowers. The flowers bid farewell to the moisten and mushy ground and straighten their stem, heading to the dark sky. The hopeless land has changed to the land with hope and everything on the land was finally alive under the dark cloud that granted the hope to the land, by just the rain drops that they have impatiently dropped.

Traveling To Chinese Minorities

This travel magazine broadened my knowledge about Chinese minorities, design technique, writing and many other unique skills by taking several steps of creating a magazine. In the magazine, each person had to include their travel article with infographic and map, advertisement and extra pages. With my own knowledge and the new skills that we learned, we were able to create a nice magazine. Within the work I have done, I am proud of my designing technique by using CARP which enlarged my knowledge of designing ideas and skills. This skill helped me to make my infographic and advertisement with crisp layout and design skills that engage my readers to look at it. Even though I have strength on designing, my travel writing, the most important one, was not attractive comparing to my infographic. My convention and word choice was not perfect and my connection between environment and cultural element was not effective. Also the balance of different literary devices and sentence structures was not equal. But through this article and through these mistakes I made, I also learned a lot. I noticed that I can contain variety sentence structures in my article. I also learned variety designing techniques such as CARP which helped me to create a really attractive infographic. Lastly, as a student who participated in this project, I personally think that this project was really beneficial to me. I tended to have progress on my designing skill and I learned a lot about travel articles as I was employing literary device, sentence structures, connections and other writing elements in to my article.

Man vs. Antagonists: Messenger


My focus of my learning target is to figure out the external conflict of the story by looking at contrasts and contradictions in the book called Messenger.

Messenger” is a dystopian fiction novel written by Lois Lowry that talks about a village that is changing strangely and the ominous forest that surrounds the village, the place where it causes terrible death to Human who are not allowed to stay there. In order to show the conflicts in the story, I created a multimedia in Canva. In my multimedia, I used a black man to represent the protagonist, Matty, and antagonist.  I also added a white line to separate the black man in to two parts to represent the protagonist and antagonist so that it shows the conflicts. One of the external conflict of this book is Man V.S. Society. Matty, Leader and Seer are disagreeing with building walls to block newcomers; however, on the other hand, villagers want to block newcomers by building walls. So since the society wants to block the newcomers by building walls, it was last chance for Matty to bring Kira back to the village. Another external conflict of this book is Man V.S Forest. Since the villagers are building the walls, Matty had to get Kira by passing the forest. However, as Matty and Kira are heading toward to the village, the forest changes a lot than when Matty was heading to Kira’s house. It was getting thicker and darker.

Different ways to show the march from Boston to Lexington

I compared pages 2~3 of the novel My Brother Sam Is Dead, written by James Lincoln Collier & Christopher Collier, with page 21 of the textbook The American Revolution Events and Outcomes by Dave Anderson. Although both texts are about the march from Boston to Lexington that happened during the American Revolution, they still have similarities and differences. Even though one text is from a novel and another is from a textbook, both texts are casual and have no figurative language. Since the type of each book is different, there are also some differences. Novels normally have positive or negative tones. The text from the novel had a noticeable tone of excitement and proudness. But on the other hand, the text from the textbook had neutral tones like objective, direct and informative. Also the word choice between the two texts were different. For text from the novel, the diction was low because it used some profanity such as “damn”. However, for the text from the textbook, the diction was standard because the language that the author used was formal and, unlike the novel, the author had not included any swearing words. So I compared two texts that about the march from Boston to Lexington to see the similarities and differences. Since the topic of the both texts were same, they both had some similarities. However, since the type of each book was different, they had some differences.

Decades of Struggles

I was born twice: first, as a young soldier with full of confidence to fight against the colonist in 1770s and second, as an old man with wrinkles and soldier who had experienced bloodiness and coldness of battles and defeat in 1781. The journal under will show my awful and horrible experiences during this cold and harsh Revolution.

After the American Revolution, people thought that somethings should be changed, so they started to have changes. But unfortunately, some stayed the same. An example of changes would be that America is no longer a limited monarchy, is a federal republic. Since the colonies in America were under Britain, they had king by law (King George III). But after gaining independence from Britain, they became a federal republic, which means no more king. Also, the American Revolution made America as an independent nation. So they had their own laws and regulations. Lots of things have changed after the American Revolution. However, on the other hand, somethings stayed the same. An example of continuity would be that people who owned land before the American Revolution were still controlling the land after the American Revolution. So that means the landowners and merchants were still dominating the society and politics. But still, labors and farmers who own land were allowed to vote. Also, women and Black people were not treated equally as white men does. So they could not vote and for Black people, they were treated as slaves. So after the American Revolution, some parts were changed, but some where not.

Fighting for Independence

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