Here is my elevator pitch that 1 or 2 minutes quick presentation about one of the SDGs’ goal: quality education. The major subject that this pitch had focused on is the gender discrimination in China education.

During the elevator pitch, I was trying to deliver a seriousness of gender inequality in China education. Also, I accomplished to speak what I want to say to the people against my claim. However, I should have not stumble over a few words and practice a little more beforehand. So, when I have a next elevator pitch, I will maintain my loud, clear and slow speed without any words that stumble over.


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Our product, a pencil grip is extremely easy to mold and reuse by children either. Currently, a bunch of parents require to buy a bigger pencil grip when their children’s hand grew up. However, our prototype will not make any of those inconvenience because it could be reused if you add some tepid  water with it. Because of it is an ordered products only for the specific users, it will not bring any side effects to the users.

One recommendation for future improvement of my prototype is concern a detail ingredients of it. Since our product has motivated usually for the children, there is a risk if they bite a grip as a food. Even though our current product doesn’t contain a danger ingredient, at least we should check out their specific ingredients to create a safer prototype.

Shows that glue and water aren’t combine together.

Little bit of Borax is more effective to create a fast molding and reusable pencil grip than water. According to our experiments, our prototype doesn’t absorb the water. So, when we add some water with my prototype, it left behind most of water

That’s why we put some Borax instead of water to combine the products together and mold easily. In the next time, we should check out the ingredients whether it’s harmful or not.



Link to the Video:

Our pencil grip requires a quick speed to dry out with a stable mold on it. Even though it suppose to be dried out quickly, it should be slimy and softy for the audience. If the audience of our product, the pre-primary students and people who want to learn a proper way to hold a pencil, should not feel any inconvenient while they’re holding a pencil with our grip. For these terms, we focused on to make the product not hard as much as rock but has little bit of spongy, tender and plastic feelings.

During experiments, we used minimum amount of Borax to make it dry out easy but not as much as a solid grip which can bring an inconvenience to the users.

Our prototype’s major goal is that to not let pre- students to hold a pencil in a wrong way because it is seriously harmful when you are studying for a long time. Most of pencil grip is made up for one typical hand shape. However there is bunch of people who has a different hand shape and it is absolutely harmful to make them to hold a pencil properly through unfit  pencil grip.

So, our targets of pencil grip audience are Pre- primary students, young kids, or anyone who want to learn the right way to hold a pencil. Through this useful and helpful pencil grip, kids or any people can lear a proper way to hold a pencil. Also, it could be influenced on pre- students to hold a pencil in a wrong way since they started to hold a pencil. It is contribute to hold a pencil comfortably without any inconvenient.


Polymer Journal #1

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By the chemical reaction with the natural resources and synthetic materials, we can create various polymers.For the example of a natural resource, there are protein, cellulose or so on. For examples of the synthetic materials, there are synthetic rubber, plastic or so on. Moreover, the synthetic rubber came from the Heavea Brasiliensis. These Heavea Brasiliensis could be changed to common things what we usually see in our daily lives. Typically, the eraser and hair band are made up by synthetic rubber with the chemical reactions. If they have a chemical reaction, they could form a polymer which is a chemical compound with large the molecules made of many smaller molecules of same kind. Also, by the polymerization, an act or process of forming a polymer or copolymer, when human intentionally combine those natural resources together, the synthetic materials will be formed. Some polymers exist naturally and others are produced in laboratories and factories and the polymer is a chain-like compound such as amino- acid. Moreover, the monomers an atom or small molecule that may bind chemically to other monomers to form a Polymer (means many parts).



Journal #1

Synthetic VS. Natural

What are syntheticmaterials?Give 2 examples of synthetic materials.

  • Synthetic rubber, plastic
What are naturalresources?Give 2 examples of natural resources.

  • Protein, cellulose


Polymers and Where They Come From

What is a polymer?

  • A polymer is a chemical compound with large molecules made of many smaller molecules of the same kind. Some polymers exist naturally and others are produced in laboratories and factories.

Give 2 examples of synthetic polymers and the natural resources they come from

Synthetic Polymer #1

  • Synthetic rubber
What natural resources does this come from?

  •  Hevea Brasiliensis
What would we use this synthetic material for?

  •  Eraser
  • Hair band


Synthetic Polymer #2

  • Plastic
What natural resources does this come from?


  • Petroleum
  • Coal
  • Cellulose
What would we use this synthetic material for?


  • Plastic cup
  • Plastic dish


Chemical Reactions

How do natural resources go through a chemical reaction to become synthetic materials?

*important words to think about…polymerization, monomer, polymer

  • By the polymerization, an act or process of forming a polymer or copolymer, when human intentionally combine those natural resources together, the synthetic materials will be formed.

What is a monomer?

  • A Monomeris an atom or small molecule that may bind chemically to other monomers to form a Polymer (means many parts)

What is polymerization?

  • The act or process of forming a polymer or copolymer
  • A chemical reaction in which a polymer is formed.


Sources I used:



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SLC 2018 PPT – 서소연


These journals had written by a person who was actually living during the French Revolution. A perspective of the journals is a man who belongs with 3rd Estates and a man who externally participates on the French Revolution. By choosing a perspective of a journals as a man who belongs with 3rd Estates, readers could experience what was the actual situation of peasants extra. Also, I could have compare difference between nobles and peasants’ journals by the primary sources. Journals contains a practically perspective of 3rd Estates during the French Revolution.

Following two weeks of our group’s research on the French Revolution, we’ve prepared a gorgeous video that contains organization of the French Revolution. So, the video that we made was to organize the major events of French Revolution by video. And elaborate who was the winner of the revolution. To inform these histories, me and my partner have worked on L21 standards: Critical Thinking, Communication& Collaboration, and Innovation and Creativity. We spend time to make video without bored, tedious and tiresome but with the attractive and interest. That’s why we created stop motion video with contribution of animation.

Theme: Please remember tearful history of your ancestors.

According to the “Bruce Cumings” (Lee Jai-eui 17), you can easily anticipate how brutal and cruel period it was. At that time, a justice was malfunctioning toward merciless politicians. Their mercilessness to citizens was continuing until millions of students in South Korea raised a rebellion. Especially, plenty of students in Kwangju passionately fought against the government. The students’ courage was completely have written on this book. A writer of this non- fiction might have wanted to convey actual histories that happen at this cruel time and don’t let current people forget this major and unforgettable issues.

According to Lee Jai-eui’s study, “All this happened in October 1979” (23). Which means the author was keep elaborating when did it happen. Moreover, the writer’s word selection was fit on what he wants to deliver to the audiences. Since 1980, when the enormous number of students in Kwangju started a demonstration at their school fields and open spaces, the government intercepted all connection that came from other cities. By besieging Kwangju, people who against the government couldn’t receive any supplies and communicate other people outside. All of these worked well by the brutal politicians’ intention and they mercilessly shot any person who participated in a demonstration whether students or not. Hence, thousands of innocent people and teenagers died. What the author wanted to inform us was not memorize all the dates and people who participated in the demonstration on the history. He wished recent people to not forget their tearful works for us. And remind us how could we possible to live in this well-developed country without immense problems.

Therefore, the writer’s message on book aroused recent people’s forgotten memories: innocent ancestors’ death for us. He does not desire us to memorize all events. However, at least he wanted to notify how brutal and cruel period it was and what our ancestors did to create a better quality of life for their descendants which is us.

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