It was in the setting of Ozark Mountains on Cherokee land in the northeastern Oklahoma in a novel called Where the Red Fern Grows by Wilson Rawls.  Billy, a 10-year-old “hillbilly” who lives in the countryside and blessed with coonhound puppy love.  Losing weight, dreaming dogs, lying on the bed for hours just thinking about dogs, the food didn’t taste good anymore, these are all very normal for Billy who’s eager to have two coonhounds.  However, God seems unfair to him, Billy’s family don’t have enough money to buy him two hounds, so he decides to save the money himself.  In order to earn all the money, he tried all different jobs including dairyman, fishing man, helping in the barn and finally, he earned all the money.  Eventually, he got his dogs in town and went through an unbelievable hunting journey with his dogs until the end of the book.

To unfold the rising action plainly, I decided to make a trivia quiz to show my understanding of the develop path to the climax point of the book.  I made this trivia quiz using Playbuzz, the creating part is challenging due to the facts of how the story had pushed into its climax.

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