Dragon’s Eye Exhibition

Title of Photo: Flood Line

Name of photographer: Gilbert Choy

Where you saw it: Outside of the cafeteria in the Dragon’s Eye Exhibition

Connection to me: The photo connects to me from the objects and setting, in which the man, the bike, and the flood line give a clear and vivid background of Beijing.  The color yellow, red, and orange represents China and the Chinese culture, strongly connecting to my personal life.  In addition, the wall behind has withered vines in black and white color with the wall, displaying an old Beijing life and appealing to the audience with normal people’s life in China.

Technical skills & Artistic skills: The composition of the three main objects: the bike, the man, and the flood line create juxtaposition in the photo, simple but meaningful.  Furthermore, the color of the photo is in the color scheme of red, providing the Chinese cultural context behind the photo.  In addition, the whole picture is almost symmetrical with respect to the “flood line” Chinese characters, dragging the audience’s interest.  The pattern and texture of the wall behind are presented through the vines, pulling the audience inside the photo.


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