Street Photography Day #2

Photo #1

Photo #2

Photo #3

Photo #4

Photo #5

Critiques for Photo #5:

In this photo, the rule of thirds is applied through the man/object is placed on the one-third to the left side of the photo, making the audience easier to look at.  The focus of the photo is the man and his tricycle, giving the audience a sense of loneliness as if he’s waiting for someone from the road.  The color is adjusted to black and white, not only appealing to the old and traditional photos, but also providing visual weight to the audience on the context behind the photo. Specifically, the color of the man and the bike is much darker than the rest of the photo, dragging the audience’s attention profoundly.  The line between the bushes and ground almost splits the photo in half, drawing a disconnection from the elder’s world and the life outside.  In addition, there’s a horizontal wire line near the top of the image, separating the photo with another rule of thirds horizontally.  The trees in the back appeal to the audience with a feeling of vicissitudes and past, recalling the audience with their own stories from the past.  Furthermore, the light from the left causes the shadow of the tricycle and the vehicles in the back extending to the right, emphasizing the tone and mood of the former days.  One aspect that can make the photo better is to try to zoom in to the elder and his tricycle or crop the top and bottom for the audience to view it easier and to express the theme of the photo clearer.

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