Analysis of 3 Street Photographers

Photographer #1: Nick Turpin

In this street photograph, the camera is taken through a window, focusing on a man sitting on the bus with his bag on his lap.  He’s facing the window but eyebrows locked, seems like thinking something serious.  In the front, the window creates contrast with the man’s expression where there are three children drawing of a car, an animal and a sun.  The image is in color where there are red bars standing out, blocking the man’s view to the left, this difference between black and white photos not only symbolizes the man’s in his own world but also the red that signifies enthusiasm contrasts with the man’s seriousness.  The composition of the image is calm and quiet, it is to evoke a feeling of loneliness and seriousness.  The photographer who took this photo is taken outside of a bus’s window on a rainy day, he is probably standing close to the object where he captures the thoughts of the man clearly.   The photographer might be standing still and the angle of viewpoint is straightly toward the object, no tilts.  There is a lot of information captured in the image where there’s one man in focus and a women in front cropped as well as some drawings on the window; therefore, the photographer probably used a wide angle lens to let the viewers observe a variety of objects in the photo.  I would give this photo a title of “Adults versus Children” because the man seems to represent the adult world where everything seems serious and is constrained in boxes (the red bars framed the man inside) and the childish drawing highlights the unconstrained thoughts and imaginations of children.  I would have a chance to ask questions to the photographer, I would ask how he took it and why he took it.

Photographer #2: Yanidel


In this street photograph, the focus is on a woman wearing a red mask and holding a red flower.  She is facing to the left of the photo and seems to be waiting for someone beside a balustrade.  The image is in color and though black and white photos can make the photo focus on the people or objects inside, in this photo, the color makes the photo unique.  Because the color red of the mask, the flower, and a passerby in the back not only connect together but also contrasts with the feelings it conveys where the women seem like waiting for someone and wanting to give out the flower.  The photo is both chaotic and calm in a way, in which it’s chaotic in the background where there are people passing by to and fro behind the women and it’s calm because the main focus, the women, seems evokes loneliness.  The photographer’s position is interesting because the photo seems taking from or outside of the railings.  It might have been taken from the stairs that are to the left of the women and not in the shot.  The angle of the shot is tilted upwards toward the line of railings in a steady position, this puts the women in a high position, accentuating a feeling of cold and high but still giving hope to connect with others.  The photographer used a narrow lens to focus on only the women where the other people in the photo are blurred completely, isolating the women from the background.  If I would to title it, I would say “The Woman Waiting for Her Rose” because the photo can be interpreted as woman’s waiting to give out her rose.  I would ask the photographer why he took and photo and how he positioned his camera to take it.

Photographer #3: Saul Leiter


In this street photograph, a variety of objects are overlapped with each other where first, a young boy is watching out from a window, and the window reflects a man walking upstairs into a house, additionally, there’s seems to be a third layer of a car’s window frame.  The image is in black and white, which focuses on the actual context of the photo as well as the feeling the photo conveys.  The composition is complicated where the boy seems to be watching a man walking upstairs inside a window and through a car.  Though the photo involves a complicated of objects overlapping, it is calm and still, embracing to a sense of loneliness, curiosity, and farewell.  Looking from another perspective, the car window of brightness and the darkness on the upper part of the photo split the photo in half, showing the two worlds the man and the boy are in.  The photographer’s probably standing closely outside the window towards the boy framing both the reflection of the window and the object behind the window.  This drags the viewers’ interest in which they want to see all the things happening in the photo.  The photographer used a small lens where it focuses on a near object and its reflection, isolating everything else but because of the reflection, the small lens still captured a lot of information where there are three layers in the photo.  If I would to give a title, I would name it “The Black and White World: A Boy and A Man” because the two main objects in the photo is a boy and a man and the photo is in black and white.  Another meaning with the “black and white” is that it creates a feeling of loneliness and separation.  I would ask the photographer how he took all three layers and if there are more objects in the photo I didn’t notice.

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