Hutong Photo Day Plan of Action

The photographer Yanidel inspires me the most because I like how he focuses on simple objects but conveys a lot of meanings behind the photo.  His photos usually contain one or two objects (people) where the two or one are somehow connected to the background meaning.  Additionally, his composition and use of color are clear and easy to follow but still, tells a story to the viewers.


I would adopt this photography style by having patience and taking quick and accurate shots to my target.  I would find a good position and shoot shots that convey meaning and story behind.  I would try different angles of the same object with accurate shots and try to give as many options to choose as possible.  Moreover, I could also emphasize the colors of the photos since it’s a unique style of Yanidel’s.

I hope to accomplish as many photo options as possible so I can have enough shots to choose from.  In addition, I would try to get close and quick to the object to achieve the goal of taking clear and meaningful shots.  Lastly, I would try to convey the meaning of China’s past, present, and future thoroughly through the photos.

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