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About me


My name is Sunny, I am a Grade 8 student in the international school of Beijing.  I am 13 years old this year, and my favorite colors are blue and purple.  My favorite animals are dolphin, whale, polar bear, sheep and penguins.  Also, “Sherlock Holmes” “Harry Potter” “The Land of Stories” “The Voyages of Dr. Dollite” and other very interesting books are all my favorite book, and I would love to read fantasy, adventure and scientific books.  I was born in Canada, Toronto.  And I’ve been to three schools, the first school is a Chinese school, and I stayed there for 5 years and I went to the British school of Beijing for 1 year, and at last, I came to the International school of Beijing, and I really like it!

My hobbies are playing tennis, sewing, painting, drawing and playing the piano.  I already played the piano for about 8-9 years and I am now preparing to pass the level nine piano test.  I also played tennis for a long time, I play tennis when I was very young and I really enjoy playing tennis, because tennis can help me be healthy and it’s an exercise.  It also has a lot of fun, so I recommend people to play tennis and any other sports that can make you be healthy.  I also travel a lot, I have been to 14 or more countries including China, Canada, U.S, South Korea, Thailand, New Zealand and other Europe countries.  I often buy many souvenirs so I can remember the places that I have been to.

I think the five values that can describe and represents me are sunny, smiley, happy, creative and sincere.  I think I am creative, because I really like to make crafts, origamis and draw things.  Also, many teachers think that I am sincere, I can always see “sincere” in many teacher’s comment, so sincere is another value.  So this is me!