On the verge of war? Conflicts among us

Today Mrs.Reverman got a email from Bandito that said: ” Teachers, if you find us infront of our base we will leave your villiage and no longer raid you!!! hahahahaha!!!” Also, a few days ago a guy from 4-WB called “Mark” was killing Joesp and I. And isbartle137, and 138 is putting signs that say”i will be back!!!”

Killers in Mineville

Help!!! Yesterday there were 3 people in Mineville, they were called: Catch me if you can, Killer, and Bandito!!! They were running around and killing people!!! Luckily, Mrs Reverman chased them away!!! Horaray!!!

Moving Mineville Forward

I think the Mineville countcil should do something about tresspassing! A lot of people tresspass my house and shop!!! Some people open my chest! I think no one uses the comunity center anymore, instead they tresspass!

What does Mineville need?

 Personally, I think Mineville needs an army, because if minevillie has no army, who will protect Mineville? And also the citizens of Mineville have to grow crops, plant trees and harvest, because the citizens of Mineville are starving!