Polymer Journal #4

Prototype #1 was named “The Great Mistake” because it was created when we accidentally mixed PVA Glue with Borax. It was very bouncy but it was a little to hard, so it didn’t meet our goal.

Prototype #2 was when we added Guar Gum and more Borax to our prototype. It met our goal of being the top layer of our shoe pad because it was flexible and strong. However, we need something bouncier for our middle layer. So we moved on to prototype 3.

Prototype #3 was when we added PVA Glue to Guar Gum and Borax and PVA Solution. We had a thin white soft bouncy and stretchy layer. We decided to use this as our middle layer.

Prototype #4 was originally a failure, we smashed prototype 2 and 3 together, but it ended up as a messy lump. However, after we left it in an airtight bag after 4 days, it became just what we wanted. Somehow, when it was in that bag, the chemicals reacted and combined into the perfect polymer. It was soft, flexible, and bouncy. However it was easily broken.

Prototype #5 was just like #4, but we added more borax. After that it was a little bit bouncier. This prototype met our goal because it had a medical impact on the foot. It is beneficial to the foot health.

In conclusion I have learned that sometimes, we don’t always get what we want, but when accidents occur and we do get we want, we should grasp that opportunity.


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