The Most Powerful Force of All. Friendship.

In The Last Hour by Erin Hunter, the author shows repeatedly that the theme of the book is friendship and courage.


Firestar is the main character, and his mentor, Tigerstar, the most powerful cat in the forest has left their clan (Thunder Clan) and has gone to Shadow Clan. His hate for Firestar has driven him to destroy all clans in the forest. “Cats of all Clans! I have news for you. Listen well, for great change will come to the forest. ShadowClan has the favor of StarClan, we are blessed because we survived the sickness, and I have received the blessing of our warrior ancestors most of all because it was my task to restore the clan and make it great again.” (Hunter 134) Tigerstar plotted to take over all the Clans and abandon the ancient code of the ancestors. “Leopardstar has already agreed to join RiverClan with ShadowClan, we shall be joint leaders of a greater clan, to be known as TigerClan.” (136) The clan tradition was that there would always be four clans, but Tigerstar broke the tradition and threatened to kill and slaughter the other clan cats who do not join his new clan. Tallstar, the leader of WindClan showed courage as he stood up to Tigerstar. “TigerClan was the name of one of the great Clans of the ancient times. Tigerstar has no right to use it now. Nor does he have the right to change the number of Clans in the forest. We have lived as four clans for innumerable seasons, following the warrior code laid down for us by StarClan. To throw away our ancient ways would bring a disaster. I’ll die before I join my clan to yours!” (137). This already shows multiple cases of bravery.


“Most of all, Firestar recalled his dismay and disbelief as he crouched becide his leader on the riverbank and realized that she sacrificed her last life to save him and all of ThunderClan from the dog pack.” (7) This shows the courage and friendship between a clan leader and the clan members. The leader was brave enough to sacrifice herself to save her friends.


“Good-bye Firestar” (296) Here, the deputy of ThunderClan, Whitestorm is about to die, even though he knows he is old, he still fought until the very last second to save the clan. This shows a considerable amount of courage, because our wits tell us to run away from danger, not run into the danger and kill yourself to save others.


In conclusion, the theme that was repeatedly mentioned is courage and friendship.