The Brainwashed Society

Somewhere in China, in a place whose name I do not care to remember, a young boy lived not long ago, one of those who had a bow and an ancient shield on a shelf and keeps a worn-out diary for writing.

Though the massive cultural revolution that changed a lot, many matters stayed the same. Chairman Mao, our savior, and our destroyer was replaced by Hua, a less extreme leader.

China had become weak and detached. But as time was told, many remained the same. Had we really achieved our original goal? Some could say that everything changed, but if you look closely, nothing really changed, in fact, he had achieved the exact opposite of his goal. The Chinese government lost allies, most of the youth were killed, and China has had a huge economical loss.

Though many official have had tried to climb up the ladder to achieve absolute power, many other people have been casted aside. As for the teachers, the chinese communist party had made them the target.  The same could be said for the upperclass: They were depicted as devils who treated the lower class as slaves.

Although we have a new leader, the fact that China had mostly remained the same still stands.