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1. Now that it’s over, what are my first thoughts about this overall project? Are they mostly positive or negative? Be specific
I thought that the project was pretty fun, especially during the exhibition. Although it was very time-consuming and it required a lot of effort, I thought it was a good opportunity to show growth in terms of the real world.

2. What were some of the most interesting discoveries I made while working on this project? About the problem? About myself?

3. What were some of my most challenging moments and what made them so?
It was finding the time to film and preparing the right content for the film. The creation of the infographics was also very time-consuming.

4. What were some of my most powerful learning moments and what made them so?
During the creation of the film, I learned a lot about recycling and garbage in general in terms of what it would look like for us and our school.

5. What is the most important thing I learned personally?
Time management and scheduling the appointments and interviews ahead of time.

6. What most got in the way of my progress, if anything?
It was definitely finding time outside of class to film and edit.

7. If in a team, how well did I and my team communicate overall?
8. What did I learn were my greatest strengths? My biggest areas for improvement?
I thought that I was able to finish filming once things started going smoothly, however, it took a long time to get started.

9. What would I do differently if I were to approach the same problem again?
I would get a partner, because, in terms of the workload for the media and the film, it would be easier and quicker (packing gear, getting the sound and video right for the film, synching the sound and the video, etc)

10. What moments was I most proud of my efforts?
When I finally finished the film, my first infographic, and when I got my first token.


Insanity or Hatred

Is it worth it to risk your sanity for immense wealth?

As a young child, Hearthstone was hated for the death of his brother and moth. In the novel The Hammer of Thor, by Rick Riordan, a young elf called Hearthstone has to make a difficult choice: To give his father a ring that could bring immense wealth and risk his father’s sanity, or to have his father hate him for a past mistake forever.

In conclusion, most of the conflict was Man Vs Man, because even though Hearthstone has gone all those feelings of sadness, it was mainly caused by his father, as his father despised him and sentenced him to punishment that was meant to be eternal.

Poster made with Canva.

Red Scarf Girl


Compare Contrast Chinese Cultural Revolution


I compared page 36 of the novel Red Scarf Girl written by Jiang-JiLi with an article called ” Red Guards Smash the Four Olds″. Ji Li’s  purpose was to express her feelings about the Cultural Revolution, while the purpose of the article was to inform people about the Revolution.

The tone of the Red Scarf Girl was fearful, and the article’s tone was hostile.

While Red Scarf girl had standard diction, the article had high diction. There was also no figurative language in both texts.

In conclusion, while the texts were both written on the same topic, there were little similarities.



This poster was created using Canva.

The Brainwashed Society

Somewhere in China, in a place whose name I do not care to remember, a young boy lived not long ago, one of those who had a bow and an ancient shield on a shelf and keeps a worn-out diary for writing.

Though the massive cultural revolution that changed a lot, many matters stayed the same. Chairman Mao, our savior, and our destroyer was replaced by Hua, a less extreme leader.

China had become weak and detached. But as time was told, many remained the same. Had we really achieved our original goal? Some could say that everything changed, but if you look closely, nothing really changed, in fact, he had achieved the exact opposite of his goal. The Chinese government lost allies, most of the youth were killed, and China has had a huge economical loss.

Though many official have had tried to climb up the ladder to achieve absolute power, many other people have been casted aside. As for the teachers, the chinese communist party had made them the target.  The same could be said for the upperclass: They were depicted as devils who treated the lower class as slaves.

Although we have a new leader, the fact that China had mostly remained the same still stands.

The Most Powerful Force of All. Friendship.

In The Last Hour by Erin Hunter, the author shows repeatedly that the theme of the book is friendship and courage.


Firestar is the main character, and his mentor, Tigerstar, the most powerful cat in the forest has left their clan (Thunder Clan) and has gone to Shadow Clan. His hate for Firestar has driven him to destroy all clans in the forest. “Cats of all Clans! I have news for you. Listen well, for great change will come to the forest. ShadowClan has the favor of StarClan, we are blessed because we survived the sickness, and I have received the blessing of our warrior ancestors most of all because it was my task to restore the clan and make it great again.” (Hunter 134) Tigerstar plotted to take over all the Clans and abandon the ancient code of the ancestors. “Leopardstar has already agreed to join RiverClan with ShadowClan, we shall be joint leaders of a greater clan, to be known as TigerClan.” (136) The clan tradition was that there would always be four clans, but Tigerstar broke the tradition and threatened to kill and slaughter the other clan cats who do not join his new clan. Tallstar, the leader of WindClan showed courage as he stood up to Tigerstar. “TigerClan was the name of one of the great Clans of the ancient times. Tigerstar has no right to use it now. Nor does he have the right to change the number of Clans in the forest. We have lived as four clans for innumerable seasons, following the warrior code laid down for us by StarClan. To throw away our ancient ways would bring a disaster. I’ll die before I join my clan to yours!” (137). This already shows multiple cases of bravery.


“Most of all, Firestar recalled his dismay and disbelief as he crouched becide his leader on the riverbank and realized that she sacrificed her last life to save him and all of ThunderClan from the dog pack.” (7) This shows the courage and friendship between a clan leader and the clan members. The leader was brave enough to sacrifice herself to save her friends.


“Good-bye Firestar” (296) Here, the deputy of ThunderClan, Whitestorm is about to die, even though he knows he is old, he still fought until the very last second to save the clan. This shows a considerable amount of courage, because our wits tell us to run away from danger, not run into the danger and kill yourself to save others.


In conclusion, the theme that was repeatedly mentioned is courage and friendship.




screen-shot-2016-12-08-at-11-06-47-pm screen-shot-2016-12-08-at-11-13-24-pmThe book 1000 Facts of Ancient Egypt by Jeremy Smith, he talks about Alexander the Great. I created the poster above using Canva. Alexander the Great is one of the greatest rulers of all time, he was crowned king at the age of 20, but he did his job well, he kept his country thriving. Even if he was from many years ago, his actions still affect us. His strategy and bravery had inspired many others in history to do the same. His life was dedicated to changing the life of his citizens for the better good, he chased out the terror of Greece, he beat the Persians. He was one of the greatest rulers alive, he was invincible, he was brave, his name is Alexander of Macedonia.

Polymer Journal #4

Prototype #1 was named “The Great Mistake” because it was created when we accidentally mixed PVA Glue with Borax. It was very bouncy but it was a little to hard, so it didn’t meet our goal.

Prototype #2 was when we added Guar Gum and more Borax to our prototype. It met our goal of being the top layer of our shoe pad because it was flexible and strong. However, we need something bouncier for our middle layer. So we moved on to prototype 3.

Prototype #3 was when we added PVA Glue to Guar Gum and Borax and PVA Solution. We had a thin white soft bouncy and stretchy layer. We decided to use this as our middle layer.

Prototype #4 was originally a failure, we smashed prototype 2 and 3 together, but it ended up as a messy lump. However, after we left it in an airtight bag after 4 days, it became just what we wanted. Somehow, when it was in that bag, the chemicals reacted and combined into the perfect polymer. It was soft, flexible, and bouncy. However it was easily broken.

Prototype #5 was just like #4, but we added more borax. After that it was a little bit bouncier. This prototype met our goal because it had a medical impact on the foot. It is beneficial to the foot health.

In conclusion I have learned that sometimes, we don’t always get what we want, but when accidents occur and we do get we want, we should grasp that opportunity.


Polymer Project 3

Currently, we are making a polymer that has a medical purpose. So we made a shoe pad. We need a shoe pad that is soft, flexible, but strong. In order to make this polymer, we added the NVA Glue and Borax, and Guar Gum, plus Harry’s other mistake, and we left it in an airtight bag overnight. In order to test the quality, we will wear it and test it why running with it. This will see if it breaks or not and we can guarantee the quality.img_1487 img_1490 img_1491 img_1492