Polymer Project #2

The goal of our polymer project is to design a polymer that has a medical impact. Our target market audience is people who are training for sports or people who have a history of ankle problems. With our product, the Shoe Gru 2.0, the trainers will find that they could run with ease, they have more productivity, with less effort. We did not test for Gloop, but for super slime, it was a liquid-ish substance, and it morphs into the shape we need it to be, we have not yet found a purpose for stretch-tastic, but for Oobleck, the chalky texture it leaves behind could be extremely helpful, as it could hep us deal with friction.


During the first class, Harry and I had an accident where we used NVA Glue instead of NVA Solution. The result was getting a flexible, but strong substance. This is just what we needed to make our shoe pad.

Polymer Journal #1


Synthetic materials.made by chemical synthesis, especially to imitate a natural product: synthetic rubber. Natural resources are materials or substances such as minerals, forests, water, and fertile land that occur in nature and can be used for economic gain. Two examples of synthetic materials are rubber and plastic, while two examples of natural resources are oil and water. Polymers are a substance that has a molecular structure consisting chiefly or entirely of a large number of similar units bonded together, e.g., many synthetic organic materials used as plastics and resins. A polymer is a substance that has a molecular structure consisting chiefly or entirely of a large number of similar units bonded together, e.g., many synthetic organic materials used as plastics and resins. An example of a synthetic material is plastic, we use this for nonreusable bottles. First, let me explain what polymerization is, polymerization is to combine multiple monomers to form one big polymer.




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39 Clues

In the book The Maze of Bones, the author uses an inciting incident to cause the protagonist to make a choice. Amy and Dan have to choose between two million dollars or a clue to a scavenger hunt.

At first, when their grandmother died, they were given a choice: they could take one million dollars and leave, or they could get a clue to something greater. Both Amy and Dan were terrified.  ‘Right now, all she wanted to do was run up to Grace’s library, close the door, and curl up with a book. She wanted to find Saladin, Grace’s Egyptian Mau, and cuddle with him. But Grace was dead, and the poor cat… who knew where he was now? She blinked the tears out of her eyes, thinking about the last time she’d seen her grandmother.’ She didn’t know what to do, if they take the two million, their horrible Aunt Beatrice would take the money. ‘Dan knew good and well that Aunt Beatrice only looked after them for Grace’s sake. Amy wished Grace had adopted them after their parents died, but she hadn’t. For the last seven years, Dan and Amy had been at Beatrice’s mercy, living in a tiny little apartment with a series of au pairs. Beatrice had paid for everything, but she didn’t pay much. Amy and Dan god enough to eat and a new set of clothes every six months, but that was it. No presents. No special treats. No allowance.’ Because of this, Both Dan and Amy struggled to make the choice.

However, when they reach the Catacomb, both of them demonstrated that they were brave and willing to risk their life for the question for 39 clues. Amy had just got a serum that could possibly lead to the next clue, when her famous movie star cousin, Jonah Wizard, comes in and demands Amy to give him the serum. Then she shows a lot of courage, saying: “Back off, Jonah, or … or I will smash it!” This shows the difference in personality from Amy being a terrified little girl into an intimidating Cahill agent. Dan also changed a lot. ‘I can trade away my trading cards for it.’ At first, all Dan cared about was his trading cards, now he was willing to throw away his life just for his grandmother’s quest.

In conclusion, it is clear that both Dan and Amy has big characterization changes. They went from terrified to brave throughout the rising action.

The Blood of Olympus

For the Resolution post of the book The Blood of Olympus, I chose to rewrite and design the novel by Rick Riordan into the form of a book title. I made sure that certain details were in. For example, I showed the symbols of the Olympian gods. This was very important as the protagonists, the demigods, are the children of these gods. A theme of the book Percy Jackson is choice. The whole story revolves around a society where choices are everything, even more important than family: ““You can’t choose your parentage. But you can choose your legacy.”” (Riordan 360). These teenagers could make one wrong choice and destroy the world. Choice is everything, choice could save everything, or it could destroy everything, the choice is everything, the choice is also the theme.thumbnail_image1

The 2 C’s

The 2 C’s

Percy Jackson and Carter Kane are similar as they are both confident and courageous.


Percy Jackson’s characterization is confident, courageous and loyal. In The Lightning Thief, He saved his friend from the Minotaur unarmed. Some would call that foolish, some would call that restless but I would call this bravery, as he saves his friends multiple times. “My legs tensed. I couldn’t jump sideways, so I leaped straight up, kicking off from the creature’s head using it as a springboard landing on its neck. The bull-man screamed and flung me through the air. I landed flat on my back in the grass. My head smacked against a rock. When I sat up, my vision was blurry, but I had a horn in my hands, a ragged bone the size of a knife. The bull man charged. Without thinking, I rolled to one side and came up kneeling. As the monster barreled past, I drove the broken horn right up his rib cage.” (Riordan 55) This was just a demo of one of the times he saved his friends. He once said to his mother, that was a hostage: “I’m sorry, I’ll be back. I’ll find a way.” This shows that he would not let personal issues stop him from completing his quest. This is also one of the major conflicts as the main antagonist tries to turn Percy into betraying the gods.


Carter Kane’s characterization is also very similar because he chose to save the human population instead of his own family from Apophis, the god of chaos. He once told the god of chaos: “‘Why wait to destroy me? Do it now you overgrown rat snake!’” (Riordan 23) This would probably take a lot of courage to say. Carter didn’t want Apophis killing his friends and mocking him anymore, so he stood up for his friends. This proves that he is loyal and courageous as he would deny Apophis’s offer. “‘Ma’at has been dying for centuries. Your world was only a temporary speck in the Sea of Chaos. All that you built meant nothing. I am your past and your future! Bow to me now, Carter Kane, and perhaps I will spare you and your sister. I will enjoy having survivors to witness my triumph. Is that not preferable to death?’” Said Apophis. Carter once also like Percy, he would not give up because of personal issues. He would fight for justice.




apophis_by_john_roccoIn conclusion, both Percy and Carter are confident and courageous.



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Characterization in “The Rules of the Game”


Waverly is brave and she was in fact brave enough to run away from her mother, another stunning thing was that she had to bravery to return and face her parents. In the story “The Rules of the Game” Amy Tan made her character come alive with her use of description and characterization. she and I are not so alike.


Waverly never liked her mother’s attitude, but finally she said to her mother: “‘Why do you have to use me to show off? If you want to show off, then why don’t you learn to play chess?’” (Tan 9). This shows the difference between Waverly and her mother. Even if Waverly was the national chess champion, she remained humble and she never brags. Her mother, however, was bragging to everyone, even if it was not her achievement. Earlier she told Vincent to throw the chess set away, “‘She not want it. We not want it.’ She tossed her head stiffly to the side with a tight, proud smile”. (4) If the brothers listened to her, then Waverly would have never become the national chess champion. Therefore, we can see the significant difference in personality; the real champion remains humble, while the person who tried to stop her tries to take credit for her wins. This causes Waverly to be frustrated by her mother. Thus, creating a conflict: Man vs Man. Where Waverly has to face her mother’s attitude. This can tear the character apart, causing internal conflict. Which is also be Man Vs Self. She has to choose to listen to her morals or to her mother.  The fact the we all have went through this is certain, but we wouldn’t go and run away from home. We might be angry, maybe even for days, but in the end, we wouldn’t take it to the extreme level of running away, we would probably forgive them.


Vincent, Waverly’s brother thinks that Waverly is annoying, he said, “Why is the sky blue? Why must you ask stupid questions?” This shows that her brother also thinks she is stupid. \

Internal Conflict. It’s the bass or the girl.

My found poem was based off  “The bass, the river and Sheila Mant” on pages 3 and 4. The author of the book is W.D. Wetherell. In my poem, the narrator struggles as he is forced to choose between the biggest bass he’s ever caught, or the girl he loves. This is internal conflict, this choice will determine his fate. The artwork for my found poem supports the poem because the artwork shows a broken heart, a heart split into two, and that was when the protagonist had to make the choice.

Tall waves bash Arctic ice, Another Sign Climate Change is Warming the Seas

Much of the Arctic is made of ice, but as global warming is happening, the ice is melting. During May 2010, a scientist have discovered a giant wave rolling across the arctic. This was discovered by accident. Aleksey Marchenko makes a trip to the arctic every year.This trip was different however, as they moved in closer, the waves became bigger and bigger. The size of the waves were 30 feet or higher.

I think that global warming is affecting the whole world, because a lot of animal habitats are being destroyed, like the arctic seals and the polar bears. The presence of large, powerful waves in these areas makes navigating them more dangerous. The speed of the waves makes it impossible to know when the waves are coming.


The billion dollar bomber


The US is about to spend billions of dollars to build a top-secret war plane.

Experts disagree as to whether the bomber is necessary for the country’s defense or a huge waste of money. It could end up being one of the most expensive warplanes in U.S. history.

The Air Force will make the final decision regarding the  building of the plane. Air Force officials claimed that they need the bomber for high level military purpose. It would fly so secretly that it could avoid being detected by the most advanced radar of US’s enemies. The warplane would eventually be able to carry nuclear weapons. The plane can also fly a very long distance without replishing the fuel so that the Air Force can hit an enmey far far away form the base and homeland. Officials said they want to fly it with remote controls as a drone. Last month, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said the new bomber was of life and death importance. “I think the Long-Range Strike Bomber is absolutely essential,” he said.

I think that if this plane is to be succesful and put into a large production, this shall cause the US to have a huge advantage over the enemy during a war, I have been wondering why the US want to build a such expensive overpowered  weapon. I have a couple of theories:

Theory 1: The US just made it as a warning to other countries; “Beware, we are very powerful!”

Theory 2: The US may be preparing for a war against a country, otherwise, why else would they have a overpowered weapon?

Other information are classified as top secret…




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