screen-shot-2016-12-08-at-11-06-47-pm screen-shot-2016-12-08-at-11-13-24-pmThe book 1000 Facts of Ancient Egypt by Jeremy Smith, he talks about Alexander the Great. I created the poster above using Canva. Alexander the Great is one of the greatest rulers of all time, he was crowned king at the age of 20, but he did his job well, he kept his country thriving. Even if he was from many years ago, his actions still affect us. His strategy and bravery had inspired many others in history to do the same. His life was dedicated to changing the life of his citizens for the better good, he chased out the terror of Greece, he beat the Persians. He was one of the greatest rulers alive, he was invincible, he was brave, his name is Alexander of Macedonia.

The 2 C’s

The 2 C’s

Percy Jackson and Carter Kane are similar as they are both confident and courageous.


Percy Jackson’s characterization is confident, courageous and loyal. In The Lightning Thief, He saved his friend from the Minotaur unarmed. Some would call that foolish, some would call that restless but I would call this bravery, as he saves his friends multiple times. “My legs tensed. I couldn’t jump sideways, so I leaped straight up, kicking off from the creature’s head using it as a springboard landing on its neck. The bull-man screamed and flung me through the air. I landed flat on my back in the grass. My head smacked against a rock. When I sat up, my vision was blurry, but I had a horn in my hands, a ragged bone the size of a knife. The bull man charged. Without thinking, I rolled to one side and came up kneeling. As the monster barreled past, I drove the broken horn right up his rib cage.” (Riordan 55) This was just a demo of one of the times he saved his friends. He once said to his mother, that was a hostage: “I’m sorry, I’ll be back. I’ll find a way.” This shows that he would not let personal issues stop him from completing his quest. This is also one of the major conflicts as the main antagonist tries to turn Percy into betraying the gods.


Carter Kane’s characterization is also very similar because he chose to save the human population instead of his own family from Apophis, the god of chaos. He once told the god of chaos: “‘Why wait to destroy me? Do it now you overgrown rat snake!’” (Riordan 23) This would probably take a lot of courage to say. Carter didn’t want Apophis killing his friends and mocking him anymore, so he stood up for his friends. This proves that he is loyal and courageous as he would deny Apophis’s offer. “‘Ma’at has been dying for centuries. Your world was only a temporary speck in the Sea of Chaos. All that you built meant nothing. I am your past and your future! Bow to me now, Carter Kane, and perhaps I will spare you and your sister. I will enjoy having survivors to witness my triumph. Is that not preferable to death?’” Said Apophis. Carter once also like Percy, he would not give up because of personal issues. He would fight for justice.




apophis_by_john_roccoIn conclusion, both Percy and Carter are confident and courageous.



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Internal Conflict. It’s the bass or the girl.

My found poem was based off  “The bass, the river and Sheila Mant” on pages 3 and 4. The author of the book is W.D. Wetherell. In my poem, the narrator struggles as he is forced to choose between the biggest bass he’s ever caught, or the girl he loves. This is internal conflict, this choice will determine his fate. The artwork for my found poem supports the poem because the artwork shows a broken heart, a heart split into two, and that was when the protagonist had to make the choice.