Many who’ve read short story “Rules of the Game” by Amy Tan have looked at me and decided I was nothing like Waverly. Well, I’d beg to differ – the similarities between protagonist Waverly and I don’t just end at our ethnicity.

Amy Tan’s characterization portrays Waverly Jong as hardworking. She takes initiative to learn, as “[she] borrowed books from the Chinatown library. [She] studied each chess piece…” (Tan 5). As her interest in chess grew, instead of asking her brothers or mother like any other seven year old would do, she took the initiative to go down to their library. She studied all different tactics and played with the community chess players until she improved. This proves that she’s persistent, and when she wants to learn something, she won’t stop until she does. Even though her brothers often discouraged her, she never gave up. It is hinted that they always insulted her: “‘Why is the sky blue? Why must you always ask stupid questions?’ asked Vincent” (4). As seen, she’s the one in the family who’s always thought of as ‘dumb’ and ‘annoying’. His brother not only dismissed her question but also insulted her and her curiosity. The ‘always’ proves that her brothers (specifically, Vincent), see less of her, and always thinks her interest is annoying. If it weren’t for her inquisitive nature, she would’ve given up. This, again, proves her persistence.

I, too, am hardworking. Even though I’m not one that wants to acquire all the knowledge I can, I still will research about a topic I’m interested in. For example, a few years back, when my family went to Singapore, I was persistent on learning all about the tourist stops, and spent two days collecting all the information I could. I taught my family all about the history and acted as a tour guide on the entire trip. My curiosity didn’t stop there. I can spend multiple afternoons researching about a topic I’m suddenly interested in. Just last week, I suddenly wanted to learn all that I could about my favorite TV show F.R.I.E.N.D.S cast, so I spent three hours researching them, their families, and other shows they’ve acted in. Now, I know countless trivia facts about them, thanks to my interest.