The first three weeks of class were pretty much exactly how I imagined it. It took a few lessons for me to get used to playing the bass clarinet again. My jaws became tired really easily when I played repeated, fast rhythms, and my fingers don’t move as fast as it did at the end of last year, but I think a few more weeks will be enough for me to get used to these aspects of playing my instrument. Something I really want to work on this year is probably a better sense of rhythm when there’s a syncopated rhythm or a 7/8 time signature. I’m pretty prepared during class and always have my music, because I have a studyhall now and so I have a lot of time to print music out. I’ve started bringing my entire pencil case in the band room too. I really like this year’s band, and I’m glad we have another tuba and more percussionists, but it’s kind of sad that we only have one oboe now :(. Overall, I have a pretty good feeling about band this year!

PS: Mr. Long’s new glasses are very trendy and hip